To get rid of the PNP, the educated must go out and vote .

I do not believe that Jamaica can afford another 5 yrs of mismanagement that has characterized every PNP administration. Having wrecked the economy after 18.5 yrs, the PNP is now trying to correct their terrible mistakes particularly in the 1990’s when they wiped out manufacturing and almost decimated the financial sector..

The PNP with the “help” of the IMF is trying to correct the damage brought on by the PNP and have so far passed all the iMF test. For the sake of the agreement we hope they pass all the remaining test and get the fundamentals right up to 2016.

Come 2016 , it would be the end of the agreement and time to boot them from  office so as to not allow them to take us down this distructive path once again. If this is left up only to the diehard and semi-literate voters, the PNP will certainly win again with the promise of $10,000 and some food here and there.

To give Jamaica a real chance at economic development , it means the educated population ( not those at UWI) must get up off their hunches and go out and vote on issues, unlike the diehard who votes soley based on political allegiance.

No longer can we allow the electoral process to be hijacked by those least capable of good judgement .

A dat me say.


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  1. You are right Jay, other universities seek to create new products and ideas, but uwi seems to be obsessed with nonsense like Reparations. Furthermore, these people also seem to think that substituting one product for another is innovation.

  2. hmmmm….If this is left up only to the diehard and semi-literate voters

    I will ask the question again; why would someone who claims to love Jamaica, end up hating the majority of Jamaicans? Is there some form of duplicity involve? Actually, only a semi-illiterate would believe that the great PNP will lose the next general election.

    A dat me say.

    • You actually prove my point.
      If people vote on issues and performance the PNP would not stand a ghost of a chance.
      If left up to the diehard and semi-literate then they win with a canter.

      Speaking the truth does not mean one hate half the Jamaican population. Not speaking the truth and keeping them semi-literate on the other hand shows contempt and hatred for the people since we fail to provide with a chance to be able to think properly and act accordingly.

      That my friend is hatred as if you love people you give the opportunities so they can succeed and do not have to depend on your for handouts.

      This is how the PNP keeps the poor black Jamaicans and profess love.

      A dat me seh.

    • You are also agreeing with me that the majority of the population are semi-literate, so how does a party that has been in power for 21 of the last 25 yrs of 84% of the time and claims to love these people not done more to move these folks and their kids from semi-literate to literate.

      Please share with us the answer to this rather easy question.

      I love Jamaica my friend, but I hate what the PNP has done to Jamaica and Jamaicans by extension.

  3. No matter what we think of Jamaicans in Jamaica, the voting population has never gotten in wrong in an General Election, they were always right. They knew when Manely had gone too far, when the JLP was not re-organized, when Portia didn’t have a team, when Bruce had to go and Andrew was not ready. Love them/us or hate them/us……they/we got it right everytime.

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