“We are doing less with more money” – Jamaican Prime Minister

The Jamaican Prime Minister for once departed from her script and spoke at least one piece of truth in her presentation at the party’s 76th annual conference.

In her speech the Prime Minister said ” We are doing less with more money” !. This is such a true statement and just speaking with those who live off remittances, who have seen an increase in the amount of Jamaican dollars they get for their US$ but are getting less in terms of their purchasing power.

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Courtesy: Jamaica Observer.


4 Responses

  1. An emailed comment

    Jay when u a read a script that has been prepared by someone for u and u nuh undastand wha u reading, wen u make a mistake u not even know u mek one.

    Cleary what we had heard is someone reading from a prepared script, not understanding what is written and so when the mistake is made it is not corrected.

    It may have been a mistake as per the script but is was the brutal truth. The PNP has made us do less with more and has celebrated it as an achievement.

    I was not there but I am sure the people in attendance, applauded the statement.

  2. For so long as a nation we have been living above our means. Are we surprised what the adjustment from living above our means to living within our means entails?
    Why do we blame them for not making the tough decisions that may cost them political power, but when they do, we blame them for the outcome. Does this sound like the approach of “educated” persons?

  3. I have always lived within my means because I simply have no other choice. When a government or successive Government (mainly the PNP) takes my money and give it to party hacks and supporters, then force me to pay more than I should, then I have a major problem with that.

    The educated people in Jamaica have allowed this madness to go on for a a long period of time and have done little or nothing to stop this bad practise and so today under the IMF THEY(PNP) are trying to correct the wrong they have done, aided by our refusal to do something.

    If the reasoning ability of the educated in this country was better, this madness would have stopped long ago and NOW it has taken a group of few men from the IMF to attempt to do what the our elected leaders who are supposed to have been held accountable by the people to do.

    We have a University of the West Indies, with some of the BEST minds in this country, yet despite their combined brilliance, they have collectively failed to make a positive impact from an economic standpoint on this country.

    I firmly believe that as soon as the IMF leaves, we will leave the Jamaican politician to do what they have always done ie waste money on its supporters and soon we are all back to square one, doing less with more money.

  4. 1. Both parties that have formed successive governments have contributed.
    2. It is impossible that this has occured and we citizens are not to blame, “educated” or “un-educated”.
    3. Only a fraction of the money goes to the regular party supporter. Lots of money goes into FOOD, fuel, hospitals for “free” health care and transportation. As a nation, we cant really afford all the food in the supermarket, all the cars on the road and free health care at hospitals.
    4. It makes no sense trying to have the “educated” solely dictate the direction for the nation. We have proven that either way does not work. We have to move together as a interconnected nation.

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