How much will JPS save based on ESET Energy Path

Without boring you with details here is the summary of my calculations on what savings I believe JPS is likely to see once the plants mentioned in the previous post are up and running. Figures below are in US$

Annual savings (ADO – LNG Bogue 120 mW)  $           134,537,321
Annual fuel savings (HFO- LNG-190 mW)  $        89,918,562.57
Saving per annum replacing 85mW HFO with Coal ( Jamalco)  $        65,208,920.64
Total fuel savings- fuel switching  $           301,194,797

Working out how much the end user will see ie me and you is a lot more tricky and will require a lot more work than I was able to do just now.  I will however by working on something and should have a rough estimate once I have more information in the coming weeks.


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