PNP MP issues contract to phantom company

PNP MP Jolyan Silvera is today facing serious questions about is conduct in a cased related to the issuing of a consultancy contract to work $1.5m to a company that did not exist at the time when the said contract was written and approved.

The contract was related to funds being used from the Constituency Development Fund CDF and was said to have been approved and dated before the firm came into existence.

Mr Silvera was on NNN defending his integrity and of course like a good old comrade, insisting that he did nothing wrong in this matter.

We understand that the said contract was later withdrawn, rewritten and resubmitted with a date after the consultancy firm was formed.

Now I will once again go on record as saying members of the ruing party continues to act with impunity and outside the rules and regulations to meet their narrow political interest, while throwing morals and ethics out the door.

I am sure Mr Silvera will suggest he did not stand to benefit from this contract, which now appears to be the favourite defence strategy employed my members of the ruling party, when they are caught doing wrong.

Given, that this is Jamaica, nothing will come out of this case, which reeks of CORRUPTION , because we Jamaicans have refused to stand our ground on the issue of corruption, especially when we are the beneficiary of such corrupt acts.

Run wid it me seh !


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