Mario Deane witness escapes !

I wrote a week ago that Dr Carl Williams despite his educational qualification and experience will have little or no impact on the present JCF unless he takes some specific and no doubt ground breaking actions, never before under taken here in Jamaica.

The “escape” of the main witness who had moments before identified the police who were said to have been present at the station when Mario Deane was beaten to death highlights the big challenge  the commissioner is to face.

We hear the witness escaped through the car window.  Was the witness who is also in lock up on a criminal charged handcuffed?

Why would he need to use the window when the door was more accessible ?

Why have the cops who allowed the witness to escape have not been arrested and charged


One Response

  1. We now have confirmation the man was set free yet no cop has been charged. See its more of the same, nothing will change

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