Chikv outbreak is our biggest public health crises in decades.

The present PNP administration appears to have such a panache for poor governance, that even them have grown to believe that poor performance is in fact not such a bad thing after all

The Chikv outbreak gripping Jamaica has been so swift,  one to question our ability to effectively deal with any outbreak in this country that could be considered to be fatal. In St Thomas, which is the parish of no other than the Minister of Health, this outbreak of Chikv here, is worst of all the areas across Jamaica and has left one scratching their heads asking, how could this be. Its not that I am suggesting that St Thomas should be singled out for special treatment, instead I am making the point that the MP and Minister has failed badly on this one and this in inexcusable.

The Minister  has tried to suggest that the JLP is playing politics on this issue, but nothing could be further from the truth. I would go as far as to say the JLP is behaving like a pussycat and has failed to act like a true opposition, ripping apart the Government seeming contempt and disregard for the poor people of this country.

The government has once again failed the poor people of this country and now they are really suffering from the uncaring attitude of the Pain N Poverty that appears to characterize every PNP administration.

The Minister calls for calm and silence from medical practitioners on this issue is yet another classic strategy of the PNP to control what is being said vs controlling the actual problem (Chikv) and in so doing protect the people of Jamaica.

The Chikv outbreak is the biggest public health crises this country has seen in decades and the approach taken by the PNP is shamefully inadequate, leaving hundreds if not thousands of Jamaica to suffer possible lifetime issues as a result on contraction of this illness.

I continue to be surprised at our nonchalant approach to what I have described above as the biggest public health issue in decades and its as if we are waiting for people to begin dying before as a country we call out the Minister and the Government for its absolutely reckless approach to this issue, which is placing a serious burden on the public health facilities in Jamaica and is impacting productivity both at school, the work place and home.

The PNP has failed yet again but will once again be rewarded for its failure.

Welcome to Jamaica, the land of the Poor (or) No Performance aka PNP.

I wish Jamaica well with its decision making process.



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