Too much is being expected from the new Commissioner of Police

Dr Carl Williams like many of us was expecting, has now become our 28th Commissioner of police and has been appointed at a time, when the imagine of the police force has been battered and bruised and crime is out of control.

I say that way too much is being expected from this new commissioner of police, much like the others and he too ultimately will fail in the eyes of the public.

Dr Williams failure has nothing to do with his experience and or qualification, but instead has everything to do with our political process and our reluctance to observe the rule of law and order in almost every aspect of Jamaican life.

No Commissioner of police can solve Jamaicans crime problem given that crime in Jamaican is endemic and is inextricably linked to our way of life.

When we do wrong, we come to expect a bly or we believe we should pay someone to turn a blind eye and is so doing allow the wrong we do to stand.

The Commissioner of police in Jamaica has never had a free hand to complete transparent and complete investigation on the very influential members of the Jamaican society inclusive of politicians and this is where things all fall apart.

The politicians, aided and abetted by the powerful members of the society have used the police “force” for decades to control poor black people and that will not change simply by employing a new commissioner of police, this will only change when the law is blind and treats everyone the same way regardless of one social status.

Dr Carl Williams may be the best man to lead the police force, but unless the entire police is summarily disbanded and we start from scratch, nothing will change.

To effect the change we, means,  making everyone in the police force redundant and requiring  all to re-apply for their position. This would provide the opportunity for us to effect the following changes.

  • Re-engage the decent members of the police force at all ranks.
  • Rid the force of all corrupt cops whom we know exist in the force.
  • Advertise in Jamaica, Canada, UK and possible USA for qualified members of those police departments to come home and help shape the Jamaican police force to a world class entity.
  • Engage top flight intelligence officers both local and overseas to help create the FBI style intelligence team we need to make a serious dent into the real seat of crime in Jamaica.
  • Thousands of students are leaving UWI every year, lets engage some of these in law enforcement to hopefully create an entirely new entity called the Jamaica police department.
  • Move the training period from 6 months to 18 months, in the first instance and then to 24 months there after.
  • Provide cops with non lethal weapons which can be used to disable suspects vs killing them.
  • Creation and deployment of special tactical teams in each county, who will assist law enforcement officials on the ground so as to minimize collateral damage during confrontation with uncooperative criminal elements.
  • Redeployment of high ranked members of the force to become more involved in crime fighting efforts vs conducting administrative task.

I am happy and at the same time sad for Carl knowing he is more than likely will “fail” not for what of trying but more so because of a society that have become rotten over the years and appears to be beyond the point of redemption.


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    1. Part of the problem in our country is our reliance on men rather than systems and laws. With the exception of Francis Forbes, all previous commissioners have served about 3-4 years. This goodly Dr. will fare no better, I fear.

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