PNP adds over US$1B to the already massive debt we owe.

Since coming to power the PNP has borrowed over US$1B in additional loans to fund various programs in Jamaica. Apart from the IMF ,the PNP recently borrowed US$800 from a road show and today we learn of another US$105 being borrowed to fund very basic programs in Jamaica.

What is ironic is that the PNP and many Jamaican are celebrating this as if its some form of achievement, seemingly oblivious to the fact that these funds have to be repaired by the ordinary man, woman and child in Jamaica.

So in less that 3 years the best party to ruin Jamaica has added over J$100B to our debt stock, with an economy that is showing no appreciable signs of growth, which appears to be an allergy each PNP administration seem to have.

For a party that has run  this country for such a long time one could be led to believe that Jamaica is doing exceedingly well, which is the reason for the party being elected so often. They are however shocked to see the sorry state of the country and I have been often ask in my many travels, on what basis do you guys vote in Jamaica.

My response has always been,  Jamaicans votes with their bellies, whoever provide the most food leading up to the election will always win, it does not matter if you starve their after.

I cannot see this country moving forward with the mentality of the voters and the lack of leadership tat is being offered. If the current person can become Prime Minister of this country, then this speaks to the quality of the voters and the type of country that Jamaica can expect to become in the near future.



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  1. Yet the party’s supporters love to harp about how the JLP doubled the debt in the four years they were in power. Now everybody is celebrating how we can borrow money again. Pathetic. Really pathetic.

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