No subsidy for public sector workers on JUTC buses

The Jamaica Civil Service Association President Mr Oniel Grant is calling for the entire leadership of the JUTC to go, as it has lost confidence  in the entire leadership of the management team.

What is rather interesting about this rather hypocritical call by Mr Grant is just last friday after a meeting was called by the transport minister, he Mr Grant reported that he trust the position taken by the transport minister , that he would meet with cabinet  to consider the submissions made by the JCSA before the new fares were implemented.

Mr Grant also reported that given the good faith displayed by the Minister, his association would no longer be withdrawing from the social partnership and other consultations with the PNP government.

No sooner had Mr Grant made these statements it was announced that the fares will remain as they are for adults and the only adjustments to be made is that of the elderly.

So it was Dr Omar Davis, who did not live up to his word and breached the “agreement”, but today we have Mr Grant calling for the heads of the leadership of the JUTC and not the Transport Minister, how ironic.

I heard Garnet Roper on Nationwide last night describing the call for subsidised fare for public sector workers as foolishness and ludicrous and I agree with him 100%. The JUTC and public sector workers had no wage and price restraint agreement in exchange for no job cuts, that was between the public sector workers and the government and JUTC should not be called up to foot the bill to  transport the public sector in the KMTR .

The public sector unions have been chumpy chumpy with the present administration and as such must be willing to take what comes to them for there undying love and support for this party. Those in the public sector cannot expect to sign agreements and when the other party breaches those agreements, then the rest of the country should pay for their stupidity!

The PNP government have breached the MOU time and time again and what have you seen these powerful unions do, you guessed it, nothing as they are way too compromised to act.

Public sector workers will continue to feel the pinch and I feel no pity for them, as they must live with the decisions they have made and the pact they have signed with a party that has shown in the past they cannot deliver what they have promised.

You reap what you sow.



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