JUTC bus lane idiocy and the timid reactions of the travelling public.

It appears that Jamaican have lost the fight for what is right or wrong, or is it that people are too in love with the PNP to make their voices be heard, when stupidity is the order of the day.

I made the journey yesterday along the mandela highway headed towards spanishtown and for the first time had a chance to see the JUTC “bus lane” in action.

What I saw shocked me and made me angry at the stupidity of this move and even more the actions of the travelling public to this utter nonsense.

So in essence what is taking place is going towards Spanishtown, one lane is closed to traffic going in that direction to allow the JUTC to entire this at the stop light leading from Mandela to Portmore and they exit and enter the regular lane just before 6 miles bridge.

What this does is to create a huge pile up of traffic all the way from central village to six miles , resulting in traffic delays and excessive fuel use for those travelling along Mandela highway and even those coming off highway 2000 and then merging into the traffic on Mandela highway going into Kingston.

As I travelled towards spanishtown I ( unno know me already) decided I would do a basic quick review of how many buses was actually using this reserved lane, to make a determination if it actually made any sense at all.

For the entire section that was reserved for the JUTC, counted about 8 buses from where they exit the bus lane to where they entered at the traffic light to portmore or an average on on bus every 2mins or so.

In other words the usage of the lane by the JUTC buses was not great, which really means I saw no need for them to have a dedicated lane at all given the total cost of doing so.

Being who I am , I decided that on the return journey into Kingston , I would count the number of persons who were employed to support this stupidity.

I observed two motor cycle cop at the traffic light intersection of Mandela to Portmore and a car with two cops, where the buses exited the bus lane and re-entered the regular lane at six miles. In addition to that I observed no less than 20 people (male and female, but most females) manning the roadway eg placement of cones etc along the section in question.

I am not sure who is paying these people, but I am sure that at the end of the day, we the taxpayers are  they ones who are paying these folks to be there 5 days per week x 3 hrs per day.

I would like for someone to tell the cost benefit analysis for what appears to be sheer madness to me given the higher fuel bill for all those car pile up in traffic, the cost of the people employed to ensure the system works and fuel savings to the JUTC plus increased revenue as a result of this system.

My very quick analysis suggest that it cost the country way more to keep this service in place vs allowing traffic to flow normally.

There is no doubt that another two lanes  needs to be added to Mandela going in either directions to fix the real problem, but this CANNOT be done as a former Transport Minister in the PNP administration signed a contract as part of the HIGHWAY 2000 agreement, which says Mandela Highway cannot be developed in a manner which would allow it to compete with HIGHWAY 2000 and if any such development does in fact take place, the GOJ ie the people of Jamaica would be required to pay the operators of the HIGHWAY 2000 any revenue that is lost as a result of such development.

This is one reason why we will never see commuter rail coming into Kingston, PNP made sure of that in the HIGHWAY 2000 agreement.

The question I have is how long the travelling public is going to endure this madness and why have we become so docile on matter of national importance ?



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