Prime Minister silent on national issues, but fiery and vocal on Cass Cass

The Jamaican Prime Minister chooses to remain mostly silent on national issues, no matter how important these matters are and getting any word from her is extremely difficult.

The Prime Minister is silent on crime

The Prime Minister is silent on the economy

The Prime Minister is silent other pressing matters.

The Prime Minister however refuses to remain silent when criticised by the opposition JLP and  launched an assault on the JLP leader for questioning her commitment to the eradicate of poverty in Jamaica.

The Prime Minister was asked to indicate her achievement in politics after 42 years and instead of reeling off a list of achievement to demonstrate stellar performance, the Jamaican Prime Minister launched a broadside against the JLP leader telling him he should never question her commitment to poverty eradication.

At press time, the Prime Minister has not yet attempted to address the substantive issue of her list of achievements over the last 42 years.

The opposition leader then responded that ” empty barrels made the most noise” in response to the tirade of the Prime Minister. Less than 24 hrs after the opposition leader comments, the Prime Minister launched another loud and vocal broadside against Andrew Holness saying ” He is not even an empty barrel and so cannot make any noise”. The tone and posture of the Prime Minister continues to leave a lot to be desired from a so called leader of this country.

She did not stop there as she  suggested she will continue to “trace” off Holness if he continues to be “rude” and “disrespects” her , this is rather interesting.

So here we have the Jamaican Prime Minister who not only believes she is God’s gift to Jamaica and is beyond criticism, but is very quick to respond to the non-issues but continues  to disrespects  Jamaicans given her refusal to speak to the country on national issues on a national stage, but has no problem “cussing you out” on the political stage.

Andrew, a who tell you fi draw Portia tongue ???


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