JUTC fare hike is justified; JLP should shut up !

The JLP  appears not to know its head from it’s tail and appears to be jumping at any and every non-issue to seek public attention, which is really beginning to make the party look stupid.

The Government of Jamaica has decided that in order to increase revenue at the JUTC,  a fare increase would be the best approach to cauterize the haemorrhaging of this entity, which is  made up largely of political appointees.

The JUTC is a drain on all the taxpayers of this country and this must come to an end. I do not use the service and therefore I see no reason why my taxes should be used to prop up an entity that continues to lose millions by the day. I therefore believe the government should ask those who actually use the service to pay more and stop using my taxes to subsidize this loss maker.

Let the people of Jamaica decide when the  cost to travel on a JUTC bus is too high, they will know what to do and what actions to take to send the members of the administration a strong message. This is not the fight the JLP needs to fight at all, leave that to those who actually use the service.

Illegal bus and taxi operators are eating into the potential revenue of the JUTC, but those too should be left alone as they provide a service to the Jamaican people and of course they must be allowed to ” eat a food”, after-all they have families to feed and kids to send to school. 🙂

We need not worry about the fact that they and the people who use their illegal vehicles all contribute to the state of the JUTC, that should not be an issue as there is “food” out therefore everyone. I cannot therefore blame the government and call them insensitive in this regard, given the fact that these very passengers, will use an illegal taxi or bus and is willing to endure not only a harrowing journey in uncomfortable conditions, but are also willing to pay more than what it cost to ride on a JUTC bus.

We simply cannot afford to reward illegal activity and the Government must charge the travelling public for the shortfall in revenue as a result of the public continued support of illegal activity and I must say they are correct in this regard.

I am also suggesting that the JUTC must become more efficient in its operations. We simply cannot have large 50 odd seater buses running empty one behind the other, burning fuel and there is no revenue as a result of their efforts, while at the same time, we cannot have people waiting at the bus stops for 45 minutes to get a bus ride, that is simply unacceptable.

So if the JLP wants to be relevant, what they need to focus on is an improvement in the service levels of the JUTC, which will bring about increased passengers loads, which means increased revenues. If this happens the illegal taxis and buses will die an natural death and we need not worry about them.

A dat me seh.




3 Responses

  1. I am not willing to subsidise government inefficiency, I prefer to walk than to take the JUTC, the service is deplorable and it should be divested

  2. Let me tell you a story. One day a long, long time ago, way back in 1998, an old wizard named Peter Phillips had an idea. You see, he was a magician, but not the type of magician that you and I know. His magic was with law, and hypnotising people write a little tikki for him at election time. But he wanted to do something that his magic was not good at – a bus system. The type of magic one needs for that is traffic engineering, urban planning , and queueing theory. But all the magicians that knew that sort of thing were in a magical place in the sky called America.

    But there were also some magic elves in the land, who did not use magic, but a great and mighty power called “The Market System”. The elves system was not perfect, far from it -but it worked much better than Peter’s. Peter used big Volvo buses that break down in the tropical heat and poor Jamaican roads. They have expensive parts, and require specialized training for mechanics and drivers. They were very expensive, with many of them written off, and still not paid for The elves used Coaster buses and taxis, which could make several trips a day for passengers, so no one had to wait long.

    Various magicians came in over the years, and they became very jealous of the elves, because they felt that the elves were stealing their gold. They sent their Warriors of Babylon to crush the elves, but the good people of the land say what was happening – and did nothing. Now the magicians are putting even more pressure on the elves and the people of the land – what will happen next in this magical saga?

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