Mount Rosser bypass “Gift” has become a nightmare for many motorist

Portia Simpson Miller in opening the mount Rosser bypass called it a birthday gift to the people of Jamaica, but just days after this motorist are complaining about the rather steep incline of the road, which has resulted in vehicles overheating while travelling along the road and ultimately engine damage.

Dr Wayne Reid says the maximum slope of the inclined road is 8% for the highway, but I have found that the maximum incline used in the USA is 6% and in exceptional case a slope of  7% for mountainous rd were the speed limit is less than 60 mph.

What motorist needs to therefore do is try to keep their speed down while ascending the hill to avoid overheating and engine trouble.

Clovis Toon

Courtesy : Jamaica Observer


2 Responses

  1. it is mashing up a lot of cars, because most persons know their cars are roadworthy, but they have never faced a hill like this before. They never know the car is overheating until it is too late. Wreckers and Garage can be a good industry to start in that area.

  2. Drove on this road today and witness people going above 80 kph on a 8% gradient and sure enough quite a few had to pull off to the side of the rd with overheating problems.

    Nice road but Jamaican motorist need to be aware and understand the capabilities of their motor vehicle .

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