Why is Peter Bunting the best man to lead the anti-corruption fight ?

The answer is Peter Bunting has made his money prior to his entering politics.

Yesterday I was in a discussion with some folks, as we spoke about factors holding back Jamaica’s progress and corruption surfaced as one of those major issues.

The question was then asked ” Why have we failed in a serious way  to address corruption in high places and why don’t we have systems in place to investigate and convict corrupt public officials and wealthy businessmen”.

One question was put to me ” Jay, why would you have career politician who would be willing to fight tooth and nail to become elected, when the salary they receive is far less than even some middle managers in some companies in Jamaica”?

It cannot be that they are fighting for those low salaries, it cannot be they simply want to be an elected official, so there must be something else that drives these folks to seek an elected position and that cannot be they are patriotic and want to develop Jamaica. So if it’s not the above, what else would drive a man who has had a solid education and can get a job paying twice as much in the private sector, to seek a lifelong job in politics?

Corruption is pervasive throughout the Jamaican society, it is a cancer that appears to be close to  stage 4 and getting rid of it will require massive surgery, which means good investigation,  precise and foolproof case building with all evidence required to secure conviction, swift execution of the case before the courts and long jail term on conviction.

It is felt that given Peter Buntings financial position, he has no real need to engage in unsavoury and corruption activities like kickback from contracts etc and maybe in the best position to put together a proper team that can conduct the type of legwork required, as well as new legislation that will ensure corruption is dealt with in the most severe way possible.

This will not be easy but I and many of my colleagues stand ready and willing to be part of any task force that is being put together to assist in creating the modus operandi of such a team, that can bring about the results that Jamaica must achieve. Yes I am willing to work with Peter Bunting in this regard.

MOCA in my mind will not achieve this and this has absolutely nothing to do with who is leading the team, it however has everything to do with the design of the team and its constituents.

When one looks at where MOCA draws its main support from, one can see that these organizations are the ones perpetrating most of the corruption in Jamaica. You cannot therefore create an anti-corruption organization and then draw its members from those bodies that facilitates the very corruption that you are trying to investigate and this what makes MOCA in it current form  nothing close to what I had envisioned for this agency.

I will however Peter’s further submissions and the FBI style agency that he says is in the making.








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