52 yrs of Independence, but I felt empty and could not celebrate

I would not venture to say that nothing has been achieved in this country over the last 52 yrs as I would disingenuous, but what I will say is we could have achieved twice as much as we have achieved thus far.

Crime, corruption ,underemployment and a ailing economy continues to be major factors holding back the further development of this country and as a people we collectively have failed miserably in this regard.

There is no reason for Jamaica to be where it is today but as most people will tell you in developed countries, corruption is the biggest impediment to growth and development and unless addressed with brute force, the country will continue to languish behind its peers in terms of its development.

Yesterday, I felt  there was nothing for me to celebrate and instead chose to stay home and complete some task that I had shelved for sometime now having not had time to get them done before.

I recall back in the days independence had meaning, we did not have as much of the technology that we had today, but we had people who were friendly, the community members lived together, people would share what they had with those around them, we were a proud people despite the little we had at the time.

I felt as if the country has failed the people, but them again it has to be the other way around ie the people have failed Jamaica and what used to be a period when we were proud have become a day to rest and nothing else.

Can we regain the true meaning of independence.

The answer to that question is yes, but it will take some serious effort to get there.


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