FBI style agency for Jamaica, I will hold the applause

Today’s Gleaner headline screamed ” FBI Style Agency”.  Bad new for crooks Bunting threatens.

I would welcome such and agency but I am not so sure that the creation of such an agency should be led by any politician here in Jamaica, simply put, I do not trust a single one of these guys.

Bunting was reported to have said ” We can go no where as a country until we tackle political corruption”.  I was like really, given that the PNP have been accused more of corruption than any other political organization in Jamaica and yet not a single persons have had to permanently resign or have been imprisoned .

Now back to the idea of this FBI style agency, commonsenseja is on record of suggesting that this is  the way we should go from back in 2009. This is what I wrote back then

Creation of an intelligence driven unit similar to the FBI.  The governor general on recommendation from parliament will appoint the head of the bureau. The person who heads the bureau will not report to any minister of government or the commissioner of police. We should call that unit the National Security Bureau of Investigation – NSBI. This bureau will be staffed by top-notch law enforcement officers initially drawn from the military as well civilians.

They would be trained by the USA FBI, as well as the Israeli Intelligence service before being assigned to this top-notch unit. Only the very best can become a part of this elite group of law enforcement official.



My crime Plan


In addition to the above , I wrote the following a few days later

Roles and Responsibilities.

NSBI – National Security Bureau of Investigation


  • Investigate and provide to law enforcement officers on the ground, tangible information that would be used to infiltrate and take down gangs and gang leaders. In addition they would provide of details of assets on these persons such that all such assets can be forfeited in the courts. This team will carry out such work with the knowledge of the County Deputy commissioner only. They will only involve local law enforcement officials as well as the elite rapid response team when its time for take down these gangsters.

  • Provide information to law enforcement officials who have responsibility for drugs and gun running, so they can take out these guys with precision using the elite tactical team which is present in each of the three counties. This group will work with their counter part (FBI) in the use to coordinate such activities, prior to the “takedown”.

  • The NSBI will at times takeover investigation on the ground in any county where it may be suspected that good policing activities is being compromised by the senior officers of the JCF.

  • The director of the NSBI will report to parliament on such matters of national security and shall not be subject to taking instructions from the minister of national security.

Read more here

My crime plan continued..


I  continued even further laying out the framework for improved operations of the force from the county level. That can be seen in  ” My comprehensive crime plant, part 5″.


For those critics who keep saying all Jay does is get up everyday and speak negative things about Jamaica and bash the PNP, you may want to really take a close look at my writings from back in 2009 to now.

My position has remained consistent, I offer solutions and I criticise when I see nothing happening and the general public take a backseat and does nothing. I am impatient with the slowness with which things happen around here particularly when it comes unto development that is corruption free.

I hate mediocrity and will not settle for second best, we must demand accountability at all times.







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