Rare earth metal project on hold. Did Paulwell oversell the project?

News has emerged that the Rare Earth Metal project, which was announced with much fanfare and was said to be able to earn Jamaica millions of US$ has been shelved for now.

In his usual over exuberant nature, Phillip Paulwell told Jamaicans that our rare earth metals could earn in the region of US$3,500 per kg and in our usual way from an uninformed position, we applauded this move.

Today the Gleaner is reporting that noted Jamaican Engineer , Howard Chin, has said that rare earth metal prices are currently trading on the world global commodities market, between US$1.00 to $10.00 per KG, which is light years away from the ministers claim of US$3,500 per kg.

The question now becomes, did Phillip Paulwell mislead the Jamaican public?

While I still believe their may be some potential in spent bauxite and I would love for us to generate some income from the bauxite waste, I cannot help but being very critical of this particular minister who seems predisposed to make grand announcements, commits millions of dollars, only for us to hear in a short order, that the particular project is  as good as dead.

Make no mistake about, mistakes will be made, we will try different things, some we will get right and some we will get wrong, its part of trying new things, but Phillip Paulwell appears to get most things wrong vs right, which makes his current position as a cabinet minister and decision maker very questionable.

Phillip Paulwell likes big project, big ideas and appears willing to run with anything he beleives will make him look good and can be seen as a game changer, nothing is fundamentally wrong with that. What I however refuses to accept is his unwillingness to engage those Jamaicans who have more knowledge that he does in many areas to do diligent and rigorous analysis, before he accepts some of these proposals and open his mouth to make another grand announcement.

We simply cannot afford Phillip Paulwell’s errant behaviour any more, it has cost this country way too much and we are calling on the Prime Minister to strip this man of his ministerial responsibilities before he does more damage to the country.

Frankly I have had enough of him and his mistakes!

Phillip Paulwell must go now,  enough of the lame excuses .




4 Responses

  1. Wouldn’t it be overseas investors who would be taking the risk

  2. To the “emailer” no, I am not an opposition spokesman on anything, I just dislike rubbish and speak my mind when I see it regardless of who is in the firing line.

    I wished more Jamaicans would take this approach as what this would do is have our public officials more circumspect knowing that even their own will come down on them like of ton of bricks for careless mistakes.

    That is accountability

  3. What gets me is that no matter what this man comes up with it will be given a lot of press coverage without facts checking and will be sold as Jamaica’s saviour.

    The PR machinery behind this minister is incredible and I find it hard to comprehend why Jamaicans take him seriously.

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