Has democracy failed Jamaica ?

In a democratic system, it’s the people of the country who gets to decide who leads the country for the time period as stipulated by the constitution of that country. Democracy speaks to freedom of choice , but the choices we make given this freedom can either make of break this country and so it has.

If one should ask on what basis or proven performance criteria can one use to justify why the PNP has lead this country for close to  21 of the last 25 years, what would be our answer.

If one should ask on what basis was the PNP rejected in 2007 and the JLP elected, what would have been our answer.

The process starts with the selection of the candidates for representational politics, on what basis are these folks screen and selected to represent the people and what criteria is used by the people to decide who ultimately leads them.

Is it on the basis of who ” leggo d most money, or the most bollo work”, what are the things that make someone worthy of representing the people. If democracy is a about the party selecting a candidate, installing that person in the community and then telling the people he is your new representative and you must support, then I think we are in trouble ( and we are certainly in trouble).

If one should look at where  our process has taken us, its shameful and speaks to our own failure as a people to hold our elected leaders accountable, but if the process for determining who leads us is fundamentally flawed, how on earth can we expect anything but what we are getting now.

If we should take a close look at some of the major indicators and where they are today, you can get a picture of how our process has failed us.


  1. Human Development Index – Failing
  2. Improved Transparency – Falling
  3. More Corruption – Passing
  4. Economic development – Failing
  5. Education System – Failing
  6. Healthcare System – Failing
  7. Quality of political leadership – Failing
  8. Management of our water resources – Failing
  9. Management of solid waste – Failing
  10. Management of road network – Failing
  11. Management of Fire Service – Failing
  12. Protecting the human rights of the people – Failing
  13. Crime Management – Failing
  14. Management of Energy Security and prices – Failing
  15. Productivity Levels – Failing
  16. Sports Management – Passing
  17. Management of the Exchange rate – Failing
  18. Management of poverty – Failing
  19. Job Creation – Failing
  20. Tax Collection and Equity – Failing


This is the system that democracy in Jamaica has produced, then we wonder why as a nation we have failed to make the level of progress that a country like Singapore has made over the same period of time.


How do we change this reality.

  1.  Honesty, integrity and high ethical conduct must me part of the way we operate.
  2. Accountability, we must first begin by holding ourselves accountable.
  3. Demand a change in the way our representative are selected and elected.
  4. Reject mediocrity in every sphere of our operations, people must deliver or be prepared to be rejected by the people of this country.
  5. An end to pork barrel politics
  6. An economic development plan by the people for the people. This plan should incorporate ideas from all spheres of the society from the “country ” poor to the urban elite. No more do we want a plan created by a Think Tank of University Professors, instead it must be all inclusive and all groups should be represented.
  7. The people must tell the properly selected candidates that this  Economic Plan by the people, will become our “bible” for the next 20 yrs and they must be committed towards the implementation of the plan. Any deviation from the plan must be approved by representative of the people, or those who have chosen to make such changes will feel the wrath of the population.
  8. Portfolio Ministers MUST have prior experience in the ministries to which they are to be placed. A finance Minister for example MUST have a degree in Finance and MUST have held a  senior post in Finance with no less than 10 years experience . In addition this person must have a full understanding of International Financial Markets. A Minister of Works and Housing should be a Certified or Chartered Civil Engineer, with no less than 5 years experience in the construction industry etc.  Skills, competence and experience MUST match the persons responsibilities , enough of the bullsh#t.
  9. The slightest hint of corruption must be met with brute force if the person involved fails to voluntarily resign, regardless if any criminal proceeding comes as a result of these matters. No Prime Minister can re-instate a person who has conducted any act of corruption irrespective if the individual is found not guilty by the courts.
  10. Failure to perform and meet performance targets should see the withdrawal of the portfolio minister, who can either be re-assigned or fired for failure to perform, if he choses not to resign or take his re-assignment.


Looking around Jamaica there is a free for all mentality, that must be stamped out, we cannot continue accept things the way they are, or we all risk dying on the sinking ship.

If Jamaica is to be recused we must take immediate action to stop the rot currently taking place and if that means the removal of some of what we call our rights then so be it, what we cannot allow however is for our politicians to determine what “rights” must be suspended to give this nation a chance to breathe.





One Response

  1. Watching the news this evening and the Lawlessness, I am fast losing hope.
    Not only have these taxi operators stopped, they were willing to stop everyone else even with violence.

    They simple refuse to comply with the laws governing their operations and what do we do, cave in and allow them to have their own way

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