Comrades, please don’t abandon the party, food soon run !

Dr Fenton Ferguson a couple days ago made an impassionate plea to comrades, not to say in public that their lives were better under the JLP. He also pleaded for them not to leave the party  at this point in time. Fergie told comrades that the PNP cabinet will be meeting to discuss how to “take care” of comrades, despite the tight fiscal space.

Translated this means , the PNP will be seeking how it can make comrades eat a food, because they are complaining bitterly how poor they have become under the PNP leadership and were threatening to not vote for the party to send a strong message in the up coming local government elections.

So Fergie and the PNP will have to now taken money earmarked for more important projects to make sure comrades can eat a food, which will ensure they win the next local government elections.

Now Mr Anonymous, is this not a gross insult to the intelligence of the Jamaican population, here we have a politician saying we will make sure you can get to eat a food, so we (PNP) can be assured of another electoral victory.

I can assure you they will take the money and vote back in these folks to ensure the Pain (P)  N Poverty(P)  and “suffaration” can  continue to destroy this country.

We shall see.


Clovis Toon

Courtesy: Jamaica Observer

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  1. Dr Fenton Ferguson a couple days ago made an impassionate plea to comrades, not to say in public that their lives were better under the PNP.

    Unless I read this incorrectly, but the above comment is inconsistent with the caption shown in the cartoon. Is it Dr. Ferguson, who wants Comrades to refrain from saying things were better under the PNP or is it the JLP?

    • That was a MAJOR blunder on my part, I have made the corrections.

      • Freudian Slip maybe? Instead of a MAJOR blunder, the “subconscious/unconscious mind” might just be at work, expressing what one truly believes, that in general “things” are indeed better on the PNP. Wasn’t it another fellow Labourite who during the leadup to the 2007 election, implore Labourites to put an X besides the Head? Didn’t the G2K do the same in 2011? Ahh, Labourites are just known for the many blunders, but always try to correct the record when no such correction is warranted. 🙂

      • Do not waste time on the people who comment on your blog. I think people who disagree with you should just go elsewhere

        • I think you would be better off in China or Cuba. In Jamaica, we actually like and respect democracy

  2. Cull, I do not respect totalitarian systems, that is for you and other misinformed comrades.

    • do you respect democracy, and the will of the people in Jamaica ?.

      • I did not respect the people’s decision to elect the Pnp.

        • Either you respect democracy, and the will of the people, or you don’t. The PNP won by a landslide in a democratic election. you must learn to respect that, or find somewhere where democracy is not supreme

  3. @Cullcull..I’m sure that Lipton respects democracy.What he is saying is that given the atrocious governance of the PNP he doesn’t respect some Jamaicans decision to continue to vote a party that seems to continue to make Jamaica poorer by the day.

    • How can one respect democracy and at the same time not respect the wishes of the electorate? Does that make sense to you? Trying to put a spin on what Lipton said is just not cutting it in my book. It is very telling when someone as immature as Lipton make such asinine statement that really shows that the elevators does not or incapable of travelling to the top floor.

      • Anonymous, I tolerate democracy due to pragmatism, but I do not respect it. Elections are about politics and not policy, so serious issues are often ignored and personalities become the focus, therefore why the hell should I respect a system like that? I am not going to lie I abhor most voters

        • As Cull said, if you don’t respect “our” form of democracy, then you welcome to leave the island post haste. “You people” would like to win elections based on the input of a few, but our system still dictate a one person one vote mantra. Love or leave it…it is that simple! If your party (JLP) wants to be in power, win elections fair and square. Your Arrogance, contempt and obfuscation knows no bounds. Based on your earlier declarations, you also would like to silence differring opinions. You are a dictator in the making and I truly hope you find a suitable kingdom outside of Jamaica that fits the bill. I’m now convinced that you are indeed dense!

      • Anonymous, the reality is that people like Jay are quite sensible but when the pnp becomes the most important thing in your life its very hard for you identify the logic in their views. I am about solutions, if you have problem with my criticisms of the patty shop which you people call a political administration that’s your business. When you people elect leaders who are worth something may be then I will respect your views. PORTIA IS NOT AND WILL NEVER BE PM MATERIAL


        Politicians are vilified for every perceived wrong, but the reality is that politics is a thankless profession. There is a great disconnect between what any system of governance can deliver and the demands of the citizenry. Usually, citizens expect politicians to be the provider of all services, therefore astute politicians will carefully present themselves as the problem-solvers of every ailment affecting the country, even those which are better rectified by the market.

        It’s quite unfortunate, but too many of us live in an alternative universe, we want a pro-business environment to be created, but we are not willing to support less regulations and a smaller government. However, when the debt stock increases and investors migrate we blame politicians for not having political will to execute reforms which we would vote against.

        Government must provide essential services; no one is doubting that, but operating enterprises and financing social programmes are not the functions of government, and if we want social programmes then clearly tax rates will increase, because every service has to be provided at a cost.

        At least one former politician, Christopher Tufton, was rather cogent in his analysis of Jamaica’s economy at a recent media forum: “Jamaica needs a dose of pragmatism and leadership…we need to facilitate ready projects within three months. Government needs to say, where a private investor has an investment proposal and the capacity and willingness to finance that investment, Cabinet will give priority to ensure affirmation of investment… we need to fast-track divesting non-core activities. The Government cannot be all things to all men,” he said.

        Any administration which embarked on these reforms, especially privatisation, will be accused of ‘selling out’ Jamaica by misguided statists who are yet to understand the market. Big, bloated governments only harm the economy and the evidence is overwhelming. According to a study conducted by the European Central Bank, which reviewed 108 countries over a 38-year period, “government consumption is consistently detrimental to output growth, irrespective of the country sample considered (developed and emerging economies)”.

        Many persons claim that the IMF programme will result in a more efficient government, but to real free marketers it’s quite tepid. No politician is brave enough to create a less state-centric economy. And if such a politician existed, he wouldn’t last long. Since we refuse to change our views on economics then we should expect the years of slow growth and high debt to continue. Unfortunately the Opposition is not preferred by the masses, so we are trapped with the PNP for 18.5 years again.

        Lipton Matthews

      • Anonymous, continue to enjoy your freedom for now

    • Marmac some people will never get it.

  4. @ For the record. PSM is the PM of Jamaica. So it is a rather absurd statement that she is not PM material.

    you should also focus on quality, rather than quantity in your posts/articles. Most of the time you come across sounding confused

    • The fact that an individual is the PM does not make him or her PM material, voters are not very sensible. It is such a pity that so many cowards are in this country, if I had any influence this PM would be on the streets.

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