Where will ESET get its funding ?

The OUR is funded from receipts from all the public utilities in Jamaica, which it regulates and there is no doubt that this source of funding will continue.

ESET was created and now has responsibility for the procurement process for the 381MW , the all island electricity act of 2011 was further amended to give the authority to this body.

I see however no mention of  any amendments to the  Regulatory Policy for the Addition of Generating Capacity  Ele 2005/08.1, which was drafted by the OUR and signed on June 5  2006 and became effective July 1, 2006 ( Maybe Mark Gold can update us on this matter).

So how will the work of the ESET will be funding, given the OUR is still in place, with all its staff, who are all qualified to handle the procurement process for the supply of new generation capacity to the grid.

There can be NO ADDITIONAL cost to the Jamaican public for the operations of ESET and the Jamiacan public and the opposition must ask the question now and resist any such attempt by this government to add any more money to facilitate the work of ESET.

I am sure some will say I am asking too much of the Jamaican people.



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