Why aren’t the banks doing enough to protect its consumers

Over the last few days some of the islands main banks have had to be working overtime to provide new abm cards for customers, where the abm’s have “swallowed” those cards.

I have been advised that the numbers are alarming and part of the reason for this increase is due to attempts to clone cards or interference with the ABM’s.

Every ABM have at least 2 camera strategically placed in and around the machine. If someone goes into a machine and places a minature camera inside that machine to capture your pin number, why is it that one of those cameras at the ABM’s is unable to capture that illegal activity as well as the scammer who is involved.

Do we need the USA to have us create a anti ABM task force to take down this criminal network. The problem is the USA won’t step in this time around as non of its citizens are losing money in Jamaica due to this every spreading scam.

I keep saying as a people we are far too docile when it comes unto the protection of the Jamaica population and are willing to sit by and allow things to fall apart .


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