The PNP has successfully mismanaged virtually everything !

Now that headline may seem like a joke, but I do not think I could have said it any better, as I cannot seem to find a single thing this party has managed successfully in the 29 years it has spent in power between 1972 and now .

The only thing I will say the PNP has done a good job of so far is mismanagement of everything they have managed to lay their hands on.

The mining sector has been mismanaged, just look at the bauxite plants.

The energy sector has been mismanaged,  still no power plant after many years of talking

The water system has been mismanaged, right now Jamaicans are running out of water.

The manufacturing sector has been mismanaged over the years, resulting in many large companies leaving Jamaica from the 1990’s to now, they include Goodyear, Colgate, Henkel, West Indies Glass, Jamaica Packaging Industries. Did you all know that Allen Bradley, one of the worlds largest electrical company’s had a factory in Bull Bay St Thomas ?

The financial sector was mismanaged, resulting in billions of dollars in loses to many Jamaicans and took out a large portion of Jamaican owned and operated business in the process.

The dollar has been mismanaged, with the PNP accounting for 83% of the total devaluation of the local currency vs the US$.

Corruption however has flourished under successive PNP administrations, with all the scandals combined including Operation Shame (Pride) costing the tax payers of this country well over six billion ($6b) put another way $6,000,000,000 !

There are those who are saying the PNP is managing the latest IMF program very well and giving kudos to the Finance Minister etal, but I say, when you have destroyed so much and now is making an attempt to get back to where you were, before you can move ahead, I cannot at this time be heaping praises on anyone.

It’s like kicking over a bucket of milk and then cleaning up the place and then someone telling you ” what wonderful job you have done in cleaning up that mess, the pace looks so good”. What is lost is the fact you have no milk to feed the darn kids, but in Jamaica, the mere fact that you have clean up, is considered progress.

We really have some bright sparks in the country, it’s not wonder we are doing so well economically and otherwise.

I am one  Jamaican, who only accepts nothing but the best and have little or no patience for mediocrity, sadly people like myself and in the minority.

If one just look at some of the responses to many of my comments you can see how some people have been caught up in “protecting” the name or interest of the party over and above the needs of the country and that is indeed sad.

I just hope in time that people will make decisions based in verifiable data vs emotions, when that time comes, Jamaica will become a much better place.

It’s a pity the PNP is not a party that has the know how to get the job done, given the emotional attachment that so many Jamaicans have for this party, but as the Gleaner headline blared yesterday,  ” Begging for  a Beating” is sadly the Jamaican reality.

It speaks to the fact that some women believe that if a man beats them, it’s because he loves them and so they remains in that relationship. The relationship between the majority of Jamaican voters and the PNP is much the same, the harder life gets as result of the PNP mismanagement of the affairs of the country and the more poor the party creates, the greater the love for the party and its leader and as such the continued support come election time.

I do believe however that some day they will see the light and wise up.






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