Wimpish JLP is allowing the PNP to run riot !

The opposition JLP appears to be at sea and asleep, when it comes unto being a vocal opposition and has allowed the inept PNP to amok.  The opposition has allowed this party to act illegally in many areas and when caught, they have allowed the PNP to come to parliament with a new bill to legitimize those illegal act.

I am not sure what is the agenda of the JLP at this time, but they appear to be less a vocal opposition than one would expect and in so doing as allowed the PNP to get away with murder (literally. Someone needs to light  a fire under the a$$ of Andrew Holness and the rest of the crew, who have all remain silent on issues of national importance and are failing the people of this country, many of whom would like to see the back of the PNP for at least 10 yrs to give the country a fighting chance at sustainable growth.

During the leadership challenge the party was energized, but sadly they have fallen asleep once again, allowing the novices to lead the ship dangerously to the reef and running aground seems imminent.

The failure of the JLP to be a stronger opposition is not doing this country any favours at all, its time they wake up.




4 Responses

  1. Jay the jlp needs a tea party wing

  2. When you sideline “Thinkers” and keep the “Asses”, what exactly do we expect to happen?

  3. The party would’ve been more vocal if Shaw had won. He is the only one I see doing his job. The rest just make a sound here and there then go back to sleep.

  4. ……….its time they wake up? Riddle me this, riddle me that. How does one raise the dead?

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