That Mayor’s parlour upgrade, height of fiscal irresponsibility!

I sure know , I cannot make believer out of non-believers and that really has never been my intentions. I instead have tried to present the facts as I see them and then try to arrive at a position based on the information that has been made available to the me via media or my contacts.

The Mayor of Kingston recently upgraded her space and according to the reports, it included the use of marble tiles, the finest furniture along with the latest flat screen television that is available on the markets. We have been told the cost of the “upgrade” was in the region of $1.7m.

Now many comrades would want to tell you that a $1.7m refurbishing is only US$15,000 and that is not a big deal, but what these dishonest people seem to forget is, Jamaica is going through one of the toughest period of austerity that this country has ever seen.

The flagrant disregard for fiscal responsibility has always been the hallmark of PNP leadership and the behaviour of Mayor Angella Burke in really standard operating procedure of the PNP leadership.

What continues to amaze me however, is the response of ordinary Jamaicans, who believes people like myself are simply picky ” an only a talk because a d PNP and if a d JLP me wud be quiet”.

This simplistic approach to the way we operate in government, is part of the reason that Jamaica has failed to make any significant advancement in the development of the economy and the operations of the public sector in decades. The other thing that I have come to realize is those who tend to benefit from these kinds of careless expenditures ( ie the eat a food people), are the biggest supporters of this kind of fiscal irresponsibility as of course  they get to ” eat a food”.

It matter little that the streets of Kingston are stink, garbage is strewn all over the place, the gullies are choked with garbage and we have no money to truck water to affect areas, none of that matters, just spend some money that need not be spent so we can eat a food and you are the best government for poor people.

Angella Burke and her crew took poor people money and installed marble tiles and huge flat screen television in most offices and that should not be a problem as its will no doubt improve the productivity and efficiencies levels at the Mayor’s parlour.

Oh, all this was done just in time for the world cup, its make you want to say hmm, hmm,hmm, how productive were those workers over the last 3 weeks.

Still a nuh nuttin, a Jamaica dis and that is how we roll 😦



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