PNP Government continues to make a mockery of our laws !

I continue to say that this present PNP government is one of the worst I have ever seen when it comes unto making a mockery of the laws of Jamaica. The government speaks about transparency and accountability, but those appears to be just hot air based on what they have done over the last few years in office.

The present PNP government has had a problem with every public  body that was created to ensure transparency and accountability exist and where they cannot go around those bodies, they speedily bring bills to parliament to circumvent the very laws they had created in the first place.

The NHT bill was one of the first to go and boyd on by commentators and the wimpish attitude of the people, they have continued to move forward, creating new laws to get around the processes that have been established to ensure accountability and transparency.

A week ago the PNP government changed the electricity act that deals specifically with the procurement process for new electricity generators, so that the illegal body which was called the Electricity Sector Enterprise Team ( ESET) could become legal.

So what we had is, a government creating a body that was illegally constituted, then changed the law to remove the illegality from the body vs addressing any short comings that may have existed in the legally constituted body. What did the wimpish Jamaican population do, well you guessed it, nothing WTF , who even cares, just do what you want.

They moved to remove the NCC from the OCG and then renamed the body, while at the same time allowing former contractors who were struct from the list for dishonesty to come with their plate t the trough , just in time for the spoils that will be given out before the next local government elections.

Now to top is off, the government yesterday passed a bill in the lower house to make the illegal occupation of the office of mayor in Portmore , legal.

This was reported in the Jamaica Gleaner earlier today


The House of Representatives has passed a Bill to legitimise the actions of the acting mayor of Portmore and council members in the absence of a by-election to select a new mayor.

Leon Thomas has been acting as mayor of the municipality since October following the death of Mayor George Lee.

Under the law, he should not have acted in that position for more than six months.

The Bill passed by the House yesterday amending the Municipalities Act also removes the need for a by-election to be called.


Now you tell me, don’t these people take Jamaicans for real IDIOTS .

This  has become a pattern of behaviour and one which I regard as very dangerous given that nothing prevents them from going to parliament tomorrow and change a law than can have serious impact on the way we live our lives in the country.

Where on earth is the JLP in all of this and why are they not vocal ?

Where are once vocal civil society groups, have they lost their voices and power ?

Where are the people of Jamaica, we simply going sit by and allow these changes to be unchallenged ?


To that someone who keeps saying I think Jamaicans are stupid, I say to you, just look and you will see who really thinks we are a bunch of idiots !

I do not believe these changes could have taken place anywhere else on the planet and remains unchallenged.



13 Responses

  1. Jay is stupid………….Jay is an real IDIOTS…….because………he is a Jamaican! Lipton too!

    • Now reading this, we know the author is as bright as a 1000W light bulb.

      • I’m stupid too…..I’m a Jamaican. You did say all Jamaicans are stupid, didn’t you?

        • I did say you were a bright person, as bright as a 1000W light bulb. Never did I say you were stupid, so why do you still have a problem ?

        • WOW…I feel much better now knowing that I have joined Jay as part of the “bright” 1000W light bulb crew. I really feel honored to be a member of this elite group headed by no other than Jay, himself.

  2. How else would the situation be regularized ?. Would you want Portmore business to come to a halt ?. Elections should be held forthwith. Both sides are not pushing for the elections, cause a defeat would look back on either side

  3. Good news like the Observer Story below will not be highlighted on Jay’s Blog simply because it is…..get this…GOOD NEWS. The parade of negativity has consumed the anti-comrade.

    Customs collections jump by $14.17 billion
    Wednesday, July 09, 2014

    THE Jamaica Customs Agency’s revenue collection for 2013/14 was $134.254 billion, some $14.172 billion or 12 per cent above the previous year, Minister Horace Dalley announced yesterday.

    Dalley, the minister with responsibility for the public service, was making his contribution to the 2014/15 sectoral debate in the House of Representatives, yesterday.

    He said that as at June 18, 2014, the year-to-date (YTD) target for the current fiscal year was $27.896 billion, while the YTD collection was $28.270 billion, exceeding the current YTD target by $0.374 billion or 1.34 per cent.

    He told the House that since the Jamaica Customs Department was accorded executive agency status it has improved its performance as the second largest revenue collection agency of the State.

    In the meantime, he said the new tax reform measures also make special provisions for improving efficiency and customer relations at Customs.

    Some of the new reform measures include amendment to the Customs tariff in relation to retaining the recently changed five per cent duty on light-emitting diodes (LEDs), in keeping with the Government of Jamaica-stated energy policy; reform of the Provisions of the Customs Regulations to update the schedule to reflect current best practice and improve the administration of the Customs Act.–14-17-billion_17120339

    • I guess Danville sorted out the place and left a GOOD system in place that was hard for comrades to screw up !

      • Are we talking about the same Danville Walker, who was head of Custom when all those Shipping Containers were driven off the wharf packed with appliances and god knows what? Is this the same guy that people on here was predicting his job “final destination”, with a 100% certainty, after losing his election bid? The same incompetent Director of Elections who allow 5 or more individuals to run as MPs even though they did not meet the eligibility requirements to run? The same incompetent who himself was not qualified to hold the office of Director of Elections due to his own US Citizenship issues? Say it ain’t so?

        I’m flabbergasted by your support of mediocrity, while lambasting others for their ineptitude. Incredibbbbbbbble

    • So that means the government can pay over the nurses salary deductions and clear up some of the arrears to its suppliers.

  4. Andrew Holness and the JLP are really sleeping. How can they sit in parliament and allow the government to just do as it pleases and don’t raise any fuss.

    The right thing to do in respect of the Portmore mayorship is to hold a by-election.

  5. What really is the JLP position

    KINGSTON, Jamaica—Opposition Spokesman on Local Government Desmond McKenzie has said that the recent Bill passed to validate and indemnify the official activities of the Portmore Municipal Council and acting Mayor Leon Thomas is flawed.

    Speaking with OBSERVER ONLINE on Thursday, McKenzie said that the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) supports one aspect of the Bill, which protects the actions of the acting Mayor and the municipal council.

    However, the Opposition is in objection to the aspect of the Bill which seeks to regularise two divisions of the Portmore Municipal Council.

    “We support protecting the actions of the acting Mayor; however we can’t support the other aspect of the Bill. What it is in fact doing is only correcting something that has long-term consequences,” he said.

    McKenzie said his concern lies with the fact that the opinion of the Attorney General was sought to which he (Attorney General) advised nothing could be done.

    He then questioned the terms on which the bill was passed citing that “the Government continues to play Russian Roulette with local government”, while adding “it has little or no regards for the rule of law and order”. He said a pattern is being developed in local government that is frightening, citing that “the government has broken the law by putting through this Bill in Parliament”.

    He maintained, “The Bill is flawed and it should have been withdrawn.”

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