Why is the concept of law and order so difficult for comrades to accept ?

If it’s a moral issue , comrades will not take the high road, they will resort to legal system.

If it’s a legal issue , they will continue to act illegally and when caught, they will try to justify their actions giving excuses after excuses for their continued occupancy in their positions.

What is sad however,  is the attitude of Jamaicans  who seems to support this rather unfortunate stances by politicians particularly those who happens to be comrades.

One person even suggested that I am always calling on members of the PNP to resign, but let’s ask the question, why would commonsenseja be making such calls unless some sort or wrong doing took place and that involved its members ?

This morally bankrupt party is taking Jamaica down a path, which will take at least two generations to correct .

Morals, ethical conduct and rule of law and order all seem like foreign concepts to some many comrades, its makes me  worried for almost half the population of this country and where the country will eventually end up.

For all those jumping behind the PNP truck, I wish you well.


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