A country of thieves

The majority of Jamaicans may not want to admit, but I cannot recall living anywhere or travelling to any country where theft is an indelible part of the culture.

We speak about brea anancy as folklore, but the truth of the matter is in every sphere of doing business or personal matters in Jamaica, you are most likely to meet thieves.

In Jamaica, if u nah thief u nah seh nuttin. To be a thief in Jamaica has become a “normal” part of life, its the only way to get things done and if you are honest, then you are standing in the ways of the thieves, so you must move out of the way or be moved.

The politicians are taking, the executive are taking, and the workers are also taking and before you know it, the entire country is broke and you are left wondering “where did all that money go”.

The thiefing culture is Jamaica is so prevalent, that nothing is beyond being stolen anymore. Prices are adjusted to take into account all other variables including losses to theft.

If you leave some of these workers for a week, they will steal and selll everything the company owns, closing the company in the process and them ask ” wtf happen why dem lock down, dem too wicked and nuh business wid poor people, a weh we ago do now, we have pickney fi go school eno and dem jus lock dung d place a nuh tell we nuttin”.

Yes, these are the same sob’s that just cleaned out the company and are now demanding even more.

I absolutely hate what Jamaica has become and I wonder if the country can be saved.


8 Responses

  1. It can be saved Jay but not without a “REVOLUTION”. One cannot negotiate with people who have benefited generously from a corrupt system, a system that they have nurtured.

  2. Now you are talking. But this has been going on for 40-50 years. The same people going to church on Sunday are the same ones stealing on Monday to Saturday. I had a family member who worked in the Kitchen of a Major Hospital and it was standard practice for the workers in the Kitchen (number about 20+) to stock their bags each evening with products meant for the patient of the hospitals. This went on for years before things were put in place to curtail the practice. Imagine 20+ workers leaving the hospital with food items paid for by the government.

    We had the Principal of one High School commandeering some of school livestocks and produce from the school agricultural program or the school teacher collecting many, many tens of thousands of the gate receipts from every football game held at the school. This went on for many years before it was discovered.

  3. i don’t know about thieves. Hustling yes. We are a nation of hustlers. Hustlers know how to Tun Han’ mek Fashion

    • Is hustling a euphemism for stealing for our left leaning friends? I guess so.

      • The biggest problem with Jamaica is its people, we want jobs but we we get them we steal from our employers and then we say that it is hard to find jobs.

  4. Most persons family when they migrate worked as illegals until they get there papers straight. Are you stealing jobs from legal workers. Aren’t you robbing the tax system. There is no 100 percent honest system anywhere in the world

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