PNP seeks to remove NCC from Office of the Contractor General

Once again the PNP refuses to accept and follow the rule of law, moves to make changes to those rules that remove the level of transparency of the process and allows the process to be opened up to rampant corruption.

Now all of this is done ahead of the next elections, no doubt to allow proliferation of the “eat a food” mentality.

Once again the voices of the country is silent.

Speechless !!!

7 Responses

  1. How can someone that claims they love Jamaica and at the same time hates Jamaicans?

    • ..and who hates Jamaica ?

      • No, we know you love Jamaica with a passion. We also know that you hate Jamaicans, even more. Why do you hate Jamaicans? Why do you think they are stupid? Why do you think you are better than most Jamaicans?

        • Jamaicans have a tendency to watch nonchalantly when governments (especially the PNP) do things and is only when we are feeling the repercussions of those actions we are bawling out and making noise. But by that time it is too late.

        • So predictable. Attack the messenger without reading and understanding the message.

        • @chucks

          Could you kindly summarize for us what that those messages are? I am having a hard time deciphering all the mixed messages.

        • Messenger?? If Jay is the messenger, then we should be thankful that he doesn’t work for the Jamaican Postal Service (PCJ). If he did, three quarters of the Jamaican population would receive their mail months behind schedule or never at all, just because they are comrades or just to embarrass the government of the day. How is that for being predictable chucks?

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