Buy Jamaica so we can maintain our extravagant lifestyle !

We want to drive  expensive SUV’s

We want to live in a big house with Italian tiles and furniture

We need the money to put in our New York us$ account at 0.3%

We must travel to Miami monthly do do our shopping

We like the finest imported wines

We want to be featured weekly in the pages of the Gleaner and Observer throwing extravagant parties with the finest imported stuff

Our kids must go the most exclusive universities overseas, so we need the money to buy the US$

We will not upgrade our equipment to improve our efficiencies

We will not practise energy conservation methods and we will not buy energy efficient equipment

You must buy Jamaica as if you don’t you are not building Jamaica.


I am not buying Jamaica just for buy Jamaica sake, the product must meet my requirements for quality and cost. I must spend every $ I earn efficiently and no one is going to make me spend more for in inferior product even if that product happens to be made in Jamaica.







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