Bicknell walks, he has no case to answer !

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) has reportedly withdrawn the bribery case against businessman Bruce Bicknell.

The OBSERVER ONLINE has been informed that the DDP wrote to Bicknell’s legal team informing of the decision


So James Forbes is found guilty and pays for a crime that  now, appears to  never  been committed in the first place.

Forbes must have considered himself unlucky and must now be of the view that somebody or somebody(s) must have been out to get him

Had Bicknell case be called up first, would James Forbes case have gone to trial and could/would he have been found guilty ?




2 Responses

  1. White man get away, black man gets shafted

  2. I am awaiting the perjury charge for the Cop involved. Either way he must be lying?

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