What would have caused that visa revocation, if there was one ?

Commonsenseja went digging behind the scene to determine the news behind the news and was referred to this article. I was told to read this more than once and then stay tuned .

Six Jamaicans Detained In Multimillion-Dollar Drug Bust In Antigua

Law enforcement authorities say they have intercepted a vessel originating from Jamaica with more than 2,300 pounds of marijuana worth more than EC$30 million (One EC dollar = US$0.37 cents).

A statement from the Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy (ONDCP) said it participated in a joint operation involving the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force (Coast Guard) in intercepting the 65ft vessel on Wednesday.

It said the vessel, which it did not name originated from Jamaica and “was being operated by six Jamaican men whose ages range from 38-years-old to 67-years-old.



I was then told that ” Jay you are very resourceful, so go and figure out where this boat is registered and to whom.




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  1. Jay, why go digging behind the scene. Based on your numerous post regarding Ellington, I thought it was a foregone conclusion that the PNP orchestrated his removal from office…you know….CHECKMATE!!! After all, the PNP have been gunning for his head since they came into office….right?

    Are we to assume that you are now backpedaling and if true, that his Visa was revoked (haven’t seen any definitive proof offered by anyone and in fact, they are hints that this might not be the case), you digging is unearthing even more proof that your [past] conspiracy theories are just a hatchet job, clueless and boorish attempt to discredit a great Party. Are you prepared, at THIS stage of the game, to issue a public apology to all comrades who had to endure your silly comments/conjectures over the past 2-years? Are you man enough to say I sorry?

    • Mi seh comrades cannot seem to think logically and its something that affects most who call themselves comrades.

      Let me try to explain this to you as simple as I can so you could understand.

      If the resignation was triggered by certain events that I have come across and you are “gunning” for the head of that person, what better opportunity that now to “force” his hands ?

      Actually if you could not find a way to get rid of someone you do not wish to be part of an organization and suddenly you get wind of an avenue to do so, you immediately jump at it.

      Not sure you will get that, but at least I made an attempt.

      So this actually supports my position vs negating my position, which has appeared in more than one post on the blog.

      Whew, comrades !

      • Oh bwoy! One would think that certain missteps by the COP would trigger a voluntary relinquishment of the post, without any need external push/pull. Don’t you think? Especially when you have just signaled that the COP resignation/visa revocation to be tied to a certain drug shipment out of Jamaica. It seems logical to me that the actions of the COP was so damaging, he had no other option but to resign and the speed at which it occured suggest something of gigantum pproportion occured recently and given his past associations and documented miscue, the cumulative effect might have left him no choice whatsoever.

        Listen, I’m surprised you even put up this information, since it clearly debunked all other theories you have postulated overtime. You could quickly take it down, since I sure I’m the only one that saw it, saving you the potential embarrassment. I will ignore the swipes at comrades for now, since our track record speaks for themselves. Likewise, just reading your blog confirms the severe cognitive dissonance of labourites in general and Jay in particular. Go read your post about the attempted suicide of the lady and her three children……unbelievableeeeeeeeeeeee…….

        • Economic woes have proven to be reason for many of suicides and the Jamaica situation is no different. As I said I am expecting more of this.

          Re: the resignation, you are surprised that I posted it really does not surprise me one bit given again the tendency of comrades to cover things up.

          In my case , I have no need to try and cover anything up and as I said, the fact that something went down, was a good enough reason for the PNP to push out the COP as they even though he has not been found guilty of any wrong doing.

          I wonder if you recall that the line comardes tend to use. They will ask, why should a man resign if he has not be found guilty of anything.

          I guess you agree with that position, when its convenient to do so, right?

          Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device from LIME.

        • What is funny Wayne Jnr is you never apply the same principle to PNP politicians, why would this be so.?
          Would you care to share that with our readers.

          You see I knew people like you would jump off on this as that is just how your mind works.

          I could easily have not shared that information but I glad I did, given that it has allowed you have make clear your position, which I actually agree with ie if a man in public office has any hint of possible wrong doing he should ” walk vs being pushed”.

          Now I hope going forward you will be able to hold this position for our most beloved politicians.

          Now , can you tell us why Major Branswell who has been criminally charged is still in office and being paid by the people of Jamaica ?

          We really would love to hear your position on this, now that you agree that people in public office must be held high standards.

  2. maybe a clue is here

    • SSP Ellington sues Gov’t – Aftermath of car fraud charge in 1996
      published: Monday | February 16, 2004

      By Barbara Gayle, Staff Reporter

      OWEN ELLINGTON, Senior Superintendent of Police, is suing the Government to recover damages for alleged malicious prosecution following his arrest in 1996 on a charge of conspiracy to defraud an insurance company of $450,000 in relation to a motor car.

      Ellington is contending that on December 12, 1996, Assistant Commissioner of Police Osbourne Dyer (now retired), acting in the course of his employment, maliciously and without reasonable and probable cause laid the information against him. As a result, Ellington said, he was charged jointly with Acting Corporal Errol Richards, also called ‘Schoolboy Richie’, and Janice Bernard, Richards’s girlfriend, with conspiracy to defraud Jamaica General Insurance Co. Ltd.

      He was freed on a no-case submission at the end of the Crown’s case on September 10, 1998. He contends that ACP Dyer ignored the fact that there was no evidence implicating him in any conspiracy to defraud the insurance company, of 5 Duke Street, Kingston. He said that when he was charged, it was patently clear that he had invested his legal and beneficial interest in the car from about April 1995 and was provided with valuable consideration by Janice Bernard. In exchange, he delivered to Bernard, the certificate of title and other documents relating to the car. He said that Dyer ignored the fact that at the material time, he had no insurable interest in the car and Bernard was the sole owner.

      SSP Ellington is seeking damages against the Attorney-General and Dyer on the grounds that he suffered financial loss in providing legal representation. He was suspended from duty pending the trial. He said he suffered mental anguish, his reputation was seriously tarnished, and as a result, he suffered loss and damages.


  3. ghosts from the past

  4. Stop wasting time

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