UWI Economist are part of Jamaica’s problem

I have long stated that we really need a set of independent analyst in Jamaica, cut down on what I call intellectual dishonesty.

From time to time we hear Dr So and So from UWI being asked to give an assessment of the Jamaican economy, the dollar or some other economic indicator and when they are done, you ask yourself the question ” Was he/she speaking about Jamaica”.

Dr Damien King was recenly critical of the Economic Advisory Team , which was put together by Andrew Holness and headed by Aubyn Hill. It was reported that on Dr King said on Twitter ” the JLP should be embarassed for not having a economist on the advisory team”.

Hill in responding said Damien was invited but decline the invitation because ”  he wants to make himself available should the government require his services”.

I often wonder why with so many brilliant minds up at UWI and who are aligned to the various political parties,  Jamaica is not better off today.

In 1960’s and early 1970’s we had less Dr in economics , finance and management and we were so much better off.  Why therefore have we not been able to convert economic theory to economic reality ?


Courtesy : Jamaica Observer

The person directing the IMF Chief from behind is Dr King, lecturer of economics at UWI.


2 Responses

  1. Jay, most universities have multiple research bodies for economics and other disciplines, for example the University of Chicago is known for graduating multiply individuals who later create theories and technical innovations, the economists at Uwi for many years promoted statist policies and instead of creating solutions they blamed Europe for our problems and today they are pretending to be fiscal conservatives. That placed should be eradicated

  2. Therein lies our problem that pictures says a thousand words, Dr Damian King directing the IMF chief. He is looking at numbers not people so if the country descends into chaos as long as the numbers are right we are on the right track. Is he living in jamaica or he is too blinkered at his office at Mona. I keep saying give me a common sense administrator than one with too much book knowledge SMH

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