That stupid anti-gay rally !

So according to the estimates over 25,000 Jamaicans turned up in HWT, not to rally about rising poverty, rising crime and violence, 300 missing kids, rising food prices and massive devaluation, but instead they were there to urge the GOJ not to repeal the buggery act, what a damn waste of time !

There is so much wrong in Jamaica, but yet 25,000 people chose to go out on the street to rally against gays as if “gayism” is some kind of a diseases that you can catch.

Do Jamaicans really believe that by simply repealing the buggery act, all of a sudden the entire male population is suddenly about to become gay and over run Jamaica.

Let’s briefly explore the buggery act for a minute.

The act specifically makes it a criminal offence for someone (male) to have sex with an animal or another male.

Now, as far as I know it’s a criminal offence for anyone man, woman or transsexual to have sex in public even in a heterosexual couples, I believe this is called indecent exposure and one can be arrested and charged.

Having sex with an animal is a despicable act and I do not believe that this would go should the buggery act be repealed.

Now,  since all forms of public sex act is liable to criminal punishment, that leaves the act to be one in private and I do not believe that Jamaica is a police state where cops can enter someone’s home to determine what kinds of sexual act these people are involved in.

So, what does repeal of the buggery act in its simplest form achieve or does not achieve, since the indecent exposure act is still there and anyone who violates this is subject to criminal charges .

Now, had these people gone and demonstrated against the fact that 12 yr old, 13 yr old children are being targeted and sexually abused by adults in the Jamaican society, they would have had my full support. No one below the age of 16 is considered and adult and cannot therefore consent to having sexual relations with anyone, yet we see so many underage kids getting pregnant for big men yet the country is not outrage.

We have many men engaging is sexual exploitation of kids for pleasure in exchange for money, but the country remains silent on this matter, why

Just two years ago a man who raped, strangled and buried a 12 yr old girl was given a paltry 12 or 10 yrs in prison and while there was some murmur from the society, there were no expression of outrage, why not ?

Why the mention of  “gay” evoke such emotions from the people of Jamaica, but not murder, corruption et al.

I wished we would have used the time yesterday to send a strong message to the Prime Minister and her large cabinet, that we have had enough of the austerity talk, enough of rising food prices, falling dollar, rising poverty, rising corruption, rising unemployment, rising crime, a failing economy etc, instead  25,000 strong went to HWT to waste precious time.

The world must be looking on wondering WTF is wrong with those Jamaicans, just look at the state of the economy and look what they choose to  get all worked up about.






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