Man beaten to near death caught on camera

I am still in a state of absolute shock at the level of barbarity that was on display on a kingston inner city street recently.
CVM TV showed a video of a man being beaten mercilessly by a mob with sticks, stones and any other objects the residents could lay their hands on.

His head was stomped on into the ground as women and children as well as males took turn hitting the man with savagery never witnessed before on camera in Jamaica.

Having beaten the man to near death, he was lifted by two males by is two hands and feet, swung and then throw in the air, before landing on the asphalt. Not satisfied with this savagery, the near lifeless body was dragged along the rd, before two tyres was placed on him and an attempt made to light the tyres.

The shout of police, saw someone hurriedly take the tyre off him before everyone ran for cover.

I am in a state of disbelief on what I witnessed as never before have I seen such a brutal attack on a human being.

The fact that kids were involved makes the situation that more disturbing and makes you wonder, what will become of these kids when they grow up.

What a bunch of savages !


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  1. What’s the link to the video?

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