Where is Jamaica headed ?

Do you get the feeling that those in leadership cannot seem to tell their head from their a$$ and continues to lead this country down a path from, which we will take decades to recover, if we do?

Do you get the feeling that Jamaicans either don’t care anymore and ” what fi happen haffi happen”.

Do you get the feeling, that we here like sitting ducks waiting for something “good” to happen ?

Do you get the felling, that despite how much you cut back and spend less, your earnings just cannot seem to keep up with your expenses?

Do you get the feeling that the country is slipping away from us?

Do you get the feeling that hope is slowly fading ?

If you are, nothing is wrong with you, you are perfectly normal.

The Prime Minister offers no hope for the country, gives no direction and everyone is hell bent on protecting this wannabe leader who lacks the ability to lead the country.

I struggle everyday to come to terms with how these folks became to be in government, when the clearly lack the required skills to navigate the country out of its troubles.




One Response

  1. Only in Jamaica would an obviously visionless person be in politics so long as PSM. This great love affair most Jamaicans have for her escapes me.

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