Our most loved leaders have screwed up Jamaica, time to dump Portia and her crew !

Michael Manley was a great orator, he spoke eloquently to the people , he was loved by the masses to the point of almost being worshipped and at some points it seemed he could do no wrong.

The Michael Manley era was more of a failure than, prosperity and the experiment with democratic socialism failed miserably and set this country back many years. I am not suggesting that Manley did no good, as I have mentioned in a previous article, many institutional benefits that exist today, came as a result of his intervention.

When Manley left, PJ Patterson was able to capture the leadership of the party, he was never a Manley, he was not that well loved, but he had Portia Simpson Miller, whose appeal to the masses helped to keep that party in power for 18.5 yrs on the trot. Also due to Manley’s “love” for the poor, it was seen as the party of and for the poor.

The Patterson era was rocked by over $5.5B in scandals and $120b hole  as a result of what is now called the Finsac debacle, which affects Jamaica to this day.

Portia finally got her chance when PJ Patterson retired, but was not able to stave off a defeat by the JLP in 2007, but would return in 2011 to flog the JLP.

Portia era has taken up where PJ left off and the policies and strategies being employed by the government does not appear to be working at all.

We have been able to pass all the IMF , but at what economic and human cost ?

The Prime Minister lacks the fundamental capacity to lead, her cabinet is made up mostly of old perennial non-performers , but somehow, buy some magic or divine intervention, we expect a bunch of failures to suddenly deliver extraordinary results, read my lips ” it ain’t gonna happen”.

We cannot talk growth into the economy, we cannot fix crime by talking and creating more laws, we cannot fix education by doing reports, we cannot lower the cost of electricity simply by talking about where we think the cost ought to be.

We cannot “protect” the Prime Minister by refusing to announce that suppliers are owed $57b or public sector workers and some parliamentarians are not being paid, or refusing to show illegal connections in Majesty Gardens even as the Prime Minister boldly declares ” I do not support the illegal abstraction of electricity, while sitting below tens of illegal connections in a tent.

We cannot “protect” the Prime Minister by refusing to have her host post cabinet press briefings or speaking to the media at public functions.

I have learned in my life, that if you want to overcome a fear, you must challenge yourself, if you want to become good at something you must put in the effort, you must practise harder than that other guy.

We can can continue to live in fools paradise by believing that somehow Portia will become a good leader and take Jamaica to prosperity, because ” it ain’t gonna happen”.

This Prime Minister is arguably the worst Prime Minister this country has ever seen and the majority of the cabinet needs to be retired in the public interest.

It’s time to rid this country of this bunch of old people, who obviously are not equipped with the skills set required to operate in this  new environment.

Their time has expired and the need to leave of be chased out of political office as they cannot move the country forward. Keeping them around much longer will do nothing but corrupt the upcoming younger ones as we have seen happening to Pryce and Crawford among others

Its time for Jamaica to get rid of these folks and begin to chart anew course, they have done Jamaica enough damage, which will take no less than 20 yrs to correct.






4 Responses

  1. Hahaha…………..aaaaaaaaa. Poor Jay, he knows nothing. Manley halo is still overshadowing Jamaica. 20+ more years for the PNP. Hug that up Jay! The JLP is just not an option. Maybe you should start a new party install yourself as the supreme leader.

    • You soon will be bawling not laughing. Having witness a most destructive 2 years of the Pain N Poverty and having become Poorer N Poorer, people are not about to screw up their lives any further with this failed experiment.

      Notice Test etal have all disappeared ?

      • Jay, people like Wayne are so silly and hopeless. They don’t even know what is required to grow an economy, I have been saying it over and over, the IMF programme is very weak. How the hell can you implement a fiscal reform programme without an emphasis on reforming entities like NIF and the NHF which have been operating like troughs

    • Given the most recent poll results, I am sure you wished this comment would disappear.
      I keep telling you all Jay not only has elephant memory, he also has very good grasp of what is taking place on the ground.

      This post was way back in June.

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