Sex shop slavery in Jamaica, why are we not outraged ?

It has been a known fact expect to the government, that so-called massage shops are anything but that and that many Jamaicans women and children ( young girls) are subjected to slavery in these establishment.

Given this known fact, why are Jamaicans not outraged and demand that these places be closed forthwith given the despicable and unholy acts that takes place at these locations ?

The fact is Jamaican men seem to have a particularly liking to these places, which have seen an explosion in the number of shops setup to offer this kind of service to the consuming public. It is instructive to note that there may be a correlation between the growing number of massage parlous and the number of kids that are going missing in Jamaica every single year.

Why have Jamaicans not taken to social media and stage peaceful marches to protest about the growing decline in morals as a result of these massage parlours ?

Why have Jamaicans not expressed outrage at the fact that slavery is taking place right before our eyes and the victims of our young males and females many of whom are from poor backgrounds?

Why have Jamaicans not expressed outrage at the fact that children are being sexually exploited by many men of great wealth and other who visit these so-called massage parlours.

I say this against the background of the unanimous OUTRAGE that was expressed by Jamaicans against JFJ intervention in children’s home, where they were being about the various forms of sex acts .

We appear to be a “anal” nation, where anything that has that “A” , we all become enraged, while allowing even worse behaviour to go unnoticed.

I would love to see this country pay more attention to the plight of our kids in these massage parlous just as how we make sure the “analyst” have our full attention.

What is most disturbing is the folks you see berating the JFJ for the sex education in children’s home as inappropriate, are the ones frequenting these very places of abhorrent sin for carnal pleasure of young flesh.

This has become one sick nation that needs healing.



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  1. Listen no star, I cannot put it any other way than u are writing crap! There is no known fact that these girls are on slavery, none! Where the hell u think u are talking about, Saudi Arabia? Who provided u with these facts? Perhaps the same organizations that are driving this agenda to increase their funding? A couple of months ago there were a series or articles about massage parlors in Jamaica where owners and workers were interviewed. One of the issues owners had were girls living either to strike out on their own or to go to rivals that offered straight sex rather than touching! Does that sound like slavery to u?? You need to stop embarrassing yourself by not applying the same analytical skills u display on the topic of power/energy, as u do other areas. JFJ has an agenda, and their agenda is getting more warped by the minute because that’s how it is with all organizations when they reach a certain size and agenda. When funding becomes more important than children, you should start to question every word out of their mouths.

    • How can you deny something if you have no proof that it even exist, by virtue of the very question you have asked.

      Time to take your head out of the sand my friend

    • You clearly have sought to explain and justify the reason why their is no outrage.
      This is exactly the problem here in Jamaica !

      • Both you and kjair are wasting time. Jamaican continues to decline on international rankings and waste is pervasive in the public sector

        • There are those threads also on the blog.

        • You need to recognise that this problem I wrote about has the potential to do irreparable damage to Jamaica on the international scene.

          The USA human trafficking report also spoke about this and that has already damaged our international ranking in the ” human trafficking report” and well as our attention to Human Rights. This is far from time wasting and is more important a measure of who we are, than any other ranking.

    • Also, has it occurred to you that their are other massage parlours and whorehouses, than ones you read about, and that they do engage in sex slavery?

      • Some people see this as an attack on the government, hence they take a political position vs looking at the facts.

        This is exactly why the country does not appear to be enraged about certain issues.

  2. I am preparing a blog post on the JFJ/CDA crisis, so perhaps you can help me with some questions I have:


    JFJ has an agenda,

    What is this agenda, and does it have anything to do with this document, detailing what was to be taught at the homes?

    2. I am some what busy these days so it is a bit hard to obtain and read through documents like financial statements of not-for-profit organizations. Fortunately for me, statements like this:

    When funding becomes more important than children

    show that you are familiar with the JFJs funding. Could you please contact me privately with these details, as I am only able to find their 2001statemnets. Thanks in advance.

  3. Prostitution exists in every country. I am not sure if it is slavery. if you look in the newspaper, you will see them advertising a salary of $40,000 per week to work in adult entertainment. That does not seem like slave wages.

    • Cullcull, I am so disappointed by this post, did you really say advertisement in the paper and then work out that the quote “wages” did not appear to be slave wages !

      I am sure you have heard about “bait and switch” and misleading advertisement, right ?

      This is exactly how they entrap many, Cullcull.

      • Prostitution is illegal and wrong. But it exist. It is two different arguments between prostitution and slavery. A lot of girls are in it for the quick money. Because of economic reasons and otherwise. They may destroy their self esteem etc. But I am not sure if it we can say that the women there are in slavery.

        Some will not leave that lifestyle because they will not work for low wages.

        • Are you saying that no women engaged in prostitution is enslaved/forced/coerced ?

        • Everyone knows that ALL Go-Go clubs in Jamaica are house of prostitution and the “dancers” are independent contractors. Jamaican Go-GO dancers can be found in every small island throughout the Caribbean and very few are forced into that lifestyle. If we want to be honest, a lot of Jamaican mothers are the biggest pimps out there, pimping their daughters from a very young age. Checkout…..

  4. Every ill exist in jamaica. it is still unfair to say that massage parlours are slavery if the reality does not suggest it. Not because something is bad, that means it must be blamed for everything.

    When Kartel was convicted, the Police say he was responsible for 100 murders. We tend to scare monger.

  5. if a young girl is missing, most likely she is with someone the family knows and does not like ( Thug boyfriend). Hiding from someone ( Friends/Relative who are molesting them. The parents send them gone a country ( could be pregnant and want to hid embarrassment).

    It is very rare that the girl is captured, sold and held in slavery working as a sex slave without money and communication to friends and relatives

  6. Mother In Court For Prostituting Her Daughter

    Chad Bryan, Gleaner Writer

    KINGSTON, Jamaica:
    A woman accused of prostituting her 13-year-old daughter was remanded when she appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

    She is to return to court on July 14.

    Forty-two-year-old domestic helper Audrey Gordon has been charged with human trafficking and cruelty to a child.

    The Crown alleges that Gordon and her daughter were cast into the streets by the mother’s boyfriend, forcing them to live in abandoned buildings and to beg food from strangers.

    The 13-year-old, who is the complainant in the matter, subsequently formed relationships with three different men.

    The child would be picked up by them and taken to undisclosed locations where they would have sex with her.

    They would give her money, which she would then give to her mother, after informing her that she had slept with them.

    The minor reported that sometimes when the men came to pick her up, her mother would speak to them and allow her to leave with them knowing that they were taking her to have sex.

    On May 21, a concerned citizen reported the matter to the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse and the accused was arrested and charged.

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