Dr Fenton Ferguson is definitely a bright light in St Thomas

Everyone who reads this blog, knows very well my position on politicians, especially those who are corrupt and or support corruption. Most who read this blog in recent times, would be led to believe that I dislike the PNP members, but that is really not a correct position to hold.

Yes, I have been very critical of the party and for good reason, but today I have to give credit to Dr Fenton Ferguson, not because he was my dentist for years, when I used to visit him at at Paul Bogle shopping plaza, but for his influence on the lives of many people in St Thomas.

Fenton , is not like the average politicians who has a corrosive behaviour or can he be considered to be an antagonist or corrupt as many of those sitting on his side of the fence.

He has touched the lives of many people in this   Eastern Parish and his work with young people in the parish is something other members of Parliament should emulate. Dr Fenton Ferguson turned around the lives of many youngsters in that parish and made men , many of whom could   have become thugs, to haunt us later on.

Dr Ferguson is very strong on education and is strongly supports the schools in that parish and the results are now showing.

In this years Educate Jamaica survey based on CSEC results, Morant Bay is ranked #14 out of over 160 schools in Jamaica and is ranked higher than many of the “name brand” schools in the corporate area, this is no fluke, the results are real.

What many may no know is schools like Ardenne takes a lot of Morant Bay High School  5th form students, who have excelled at that school( Morant Bay High)as the 6th from program is not that great but steps are being taken to change that.

Dr Ferguson have assisted many single mothers in the constant struggle to send their kids to school and his efforts have not gone unnoticed.

I am will make no bones about it, as it relates to looking after the welfare via education and support services, I must hand it o Fenton, he has made a marked difference and his efforts should be recognised.




PS.  Yes is the same Jay this…. 🙂



4 Responses

  1. Talk about caring for the poor and does not announce it, that is Dr Fenton Ferguson.

  2. D man let me down for those unfortunate comments on Sunday

    • Sometimes the truth hurts. Nothing personal. I knew that it would be just a matter of time before you turn on Comrade Ferguson. I doubt you have ever met a Comrade that you truly like. I’m going to recommend to Dr Fenton Ferguson to give your 4X amount of laughing gas on your next visit to his Dental Office and video the whole episode. Would be very interesting to see you finally admitting that you are indeed a Rock Stone Labourite with all the attendant biases and the pettiness that accompany members of that green group.

      • Did you hear his comments ?
        Fenton before this was unlike most other politicians, but his recent comments are very disappointing and speaks to the “ugliness” of our politics.

        I wished you would have condemned his actions vs supporting them .
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