CDA slams the door shut, after the horse has bolted !

Today we received news that the CDA has demanded an end to the program taking place in the six children homes, but this delayed reaction makes absolutely no sense, given the fact that the program ended in the children’s homes since May.

JFJ has moved swiftly to accept responsibility, which will no doubt extinguish the flames of this situation quickly, but again I say not so fast.

Damage control by JFJ is good, but I do not buy all this crap, listen. FAMPLAN was involved in the original drafted course material.
The JFJ   says it vetting process failed to detect the offending sections that made it into the plan and was eventually delivered to the kids.

So a number of questions immediately comes to mind.

  1. Who inserted these inappropriate content into the program, was it a ghost ?
  2. Let’s accept for a moment that the JFJ vetting process missed the content at the onset, how was it missed at the stage when it was being delivered or was it ?
  3. If the JFJ is to be believed that it missed the insertion of the material at the onset, then it has to be that the JFJ may not have been the ones who actually delivered the materials in the children’s homes, or they would have caught it then.
  4. If 3 is true, then we want to know which group actually  delivered the material to the children’s home.
  5. I suspect the content of the training would have to have been shared with the operators/management team of the childrens home, so were they aware of the content of the program and did they agree with what was to be presented ?

There has obviously been a number of failures here and while we accept the apology of the JFJ, we cannot help but ask, where was the CDA in all of this, how could this have been taking place for 8 months and they were not aware.

JFJ rushing to apologise suggest something else  is amiss, as this not the usual reaction of any entity in Jamaica and leads me to wonder if they are trying to protect someone or some other group.

I am not sure how many of us are aware that sexual predators and child molesters tend to work in areas where they have access to kids, whom they can exploit.

We know for  fact that many kids in these children homes have been the subject of sexual exploitation in their homes and or communities.

We have heard cases of sexual exploitation of kids in many children homes across Jamaica including homosexual acts .

Was this program therefore introduce to teach kids that it’s ok and to accept this kind of behaviour and thus allow them to be tolerant of homosexual behaviour on the part of those responsible to look after their welfare?

Is there a vetting program to ensure that sexual predators are barred from access to places where kids are found eg schools, children homes etc.

We have an even bigger problem on our hands and while we are all upset about what took place here, is that not symptom of a much larger issue and that is one of lack of adequate supervision plus a clear gay agenda by influential members of the Jamaican society?

Every program has a intent ie there is a desired outcome that is expected, nothing happens by accident.

The kids were engaged for 8 months and the objectives of the program was achieved and the public is conveniently being made aware after the entire process have been completed.

Damage done!



5 Responses

  1. I get the idea that you feel that the entire programme was an idea concocted by “the gay agenda” to make children more susceptible to their wiles.

    I was of the impression that educating people about their sexual rights meant giving them information that would help them recognize when their rights are being infringed (as by sexual predators or, say, the government).

    I still do not see what the public issue is with the content of this programme. I hear cries of age-inappropriate but it was being taught to adolescents – what could be more age appropriate?

  2. I also hear that the content is age inappropriate, but no one can say what is an appropriate age to tell person about oral/anal sex.

    Most kids know about it anyway. We grew up cussing battyman and bowcat, and that was when internet was not prevalent. yet as children we knew what they represented. Now with internet, children are even knowing of these concepts from an earlier age.

    Shouldn’t children know of all the sexual predators from an early age.

    • Cull,

      What I am now hearing the the manual was written for the instructors and at the stage of delivery is when, the instructors would decide what content would actually get delivered to the kids.

      In answering your question, which is a good one, no one is willing so say what age that should take place.

      In fact one person said to be Jay, what is the biggest problem in Jamaica today, is that not kids getting pregnant from 12 – 16.

      These kids in that age group are cannot give consent which means those adults who get these kids pregnant and molesters. So why there is no public outrage against that.

      • Not only are there no outrage, but the “system” seems to cover up these underage pregnancies. I remembered meeting a young lady (maybe 23-25 at the time) some years ago in Jamaica and she told me she had her only child at age 13. Which means she got pregnant at age 12! I said to her this was certainly a case of rape and she proudly stated that it was “consensual”. The guy who got her pregnant was 19 years old. She quickly pawned off the child to her mother who lives in one of the rural parishes. She was living with an aunt in Kingston when she became pregnant. I apparently no investigation is done when underage children are impregnated, suggesting that Jamaicans have become accustom to this practice and tend to look the other way. T is even more distressing when the pedophile is a processional like a medical doctor.

  3. Hey you know what would be a good idea? An excellent way to check out the “homo agenda?” Reading the damn manual ourselves.. Anybody done that yet?

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