JPS cannot upgrade its generating capacity above 15MW without going to tender !

In response to a question, I have decided to present two documents that speaks to this issue . On the second document I have highlighted the clause which speaks to the above issue.

They are fairly lengthy documents but skip these sections you do not consider to be relevant.





The first link speaks to JPS exclusive  all island license, while the second speaks to the addition of generation capacity, but this impacts JPS and does not  appear to treat upgrades/replace differently from new installations ie addition of generation capacity.

What JPS is trying to do is replace existing capacity, not necessarily adding new capacity even though that may be the end result of whatever upgrade they are considering.

If you carefully examine the document, you will also see that JPS cannot add energy from renewables above 20% of its overall generating capacity. This is what its VP of Generation spoke about recently and was criticized for it, but hey its right here in the government guidelines.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the explanation. Sad. How backward. SMH….

    • Guest,
      Thanks for asking.

      You see there are many people out there beating up JPS, but the sad thing the truth is written in black and white but some people will never see it as they fail to question that, which they do not understand.

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