Don’t blame JFJ, blame CDA, the Minister and the Management of the homes

The Gleaner today highlighted what has become a hot button issue and that is the homo agenda that was introduced into a program being lead by the JFJ in private run childrens home. Having been exposed, everyone is now running Helter Skelter and pointing the finger at the JFF, but I say wait a minute, not so fast.

According to the Gleaner FAMPLAN was approached by JFJ and were given a power point presentation to be used in the course on sexual health and reproductive systems for the kids in the state sponsored care.

While many including myself were taken aback by the actual content, which was eventually delivered, one cannot help but question the veracity of the statements issued by FAMPLAN, CDA and the Minister Lisa Hanna.

Lets break it down and take an unemotional approach to the issue on hand and look at what we now know.

  1. JFJ was involved in the content and delivery of the program.
  2. FAMPLAN was at the onset involved in the content of the program.
  3. CDA says they were never involved and not told about the intervention of JFJ
  4. The Minister says CDA never told her about the program ( CDA was not aware )
  5. The program started in October 2013 and is slated to end next month.
  6. The Management of the children home approved the program and its contents.
  7. Gays appeared to have injected its own agenda into certain aspects of the program.


What is the Role of CDA

The Child Development Agency (CDA) is a leader in Jamaica’s child protection system, with a growing regional reputation for our work in promoting child-friendly policies and ground-breaking programmes to strengthen families.


  • Provides support to children in need of care and protection (those who have been, abused, abandoned, neglected or vulnerable due to disability);

  • Carries out advocacy/public education programmes to prevent child abuse;

  • Investigates reports of child abuse, abandonment and neglect to determine the best interest of the child which supports the Courts and the Police;

  • Provides quality care for children who are brought into the care of the State (those who live in children’s homes and places of safety).

  • Advises government on policy and legal issues relating to children.


From the above the CDA was setup to have oversight responsibilities of the kids in state care,  which means they are responsible for the quality of care given to these kids. As part of their role, they would be carrying out audit of the activities of the homes to ensure the welfare of the kids are being served.

The role of management of the Childrens room is to ensure that these places are offering the best care that can be offered to kids and protect them from sexual exploitation among other things.

  • Now if both the above were doing their jobs, how on earth could the JFJ accompanied and supported by gay lobbyist, “hijack” the original program that was crafted by FAMPLAN ?
  • What checks are being carried out by the staff of the CDA, why a program that we all now say was inappropriate could have been carried on for 8 long months, without a single representative for the management of the Children home, the CDA or the Youth Ministry being aware?
  • If such a program could have been actively in place for 8 months and in the open, what else is taking place in these homes that the public is not yet aware of?

I find it hard to believe that the state agencies were not only aware of what is taking place but were in fact  supporting the actions of the JFJ and are now hiding in the face of an angry public.

The very same agenda was at play when the text book of the schools had inappropriate sexual content included until it was stopped by the previous minister of education and then again by this current minister.

I do not accept the word of the Minister nor that of the CDA, there is a clear gay agenda at play and this is only being thwarted by a Jamaican public who is saying ” we are not going there at least not now”.

JFJ appears to have been hijacked by gays, but I must say we have to hold the CDA and the Minister solely responsible for this mess. If they were doing there jobs, there is no way under the sun that this could have occurred.

Minister Lisa Hanna demanding a report from the CDA does not cut it for me, that is straight public relation crap. She has been a failing minister and continues to fail at her job and this is a major problem that needs to be cauterized with some level of urgency.

Lisa Hanna should resign or be relieved of her position and the head of the CDA should be terminated as well for dereliction of duty.

Our kids in these homes are considered at risk kids and to expose them to other risk particularly the predatory behaviour of a certain group is unacceptable.

Its full-time Jamaicans take a stand to protect its kids. Its all good and well to condemn the action of JFJ but I am almost certain JFJ did NOT act alone, but is being left alone to face the wrath of the public, who already is not fond of the actions of this group.

I could care less about the JFJ, they can take care of themselves,  I am worried about the welfare of the kids.

If the gays could be in children’s home  for eight months “undetected” and in plain sight”, tell me what else could have been taking place during that time and at any other point in time.

We are an uncaring nation and today we are repeating the bitter rewards for our efforts or lack there of  in protecting the past kids of Jamaica, who have now become heartless criminals and we are doing the same with the present set.

I am not sure what can spur Jamaicans to action, as by the end of this week something new will in thrust into the spotlight , while kids in children homes continue to suffer at the hands of predators.


We get what we accept








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