Why is the Private Sector supporting the wrong action ?

Apart from the opposition JLP (which I am not a part of), this blog has been the most vocal on this Electricity Supply Enterprise Team ( ESET) and its relevance or lack thereof in this 381 MW project. I have made it very clear that this team serves no other purpose but to save the skin of Phillip Paulwell and well thinking Jamaicans ought to reject the formation of the team.

I am still struggling to understand how the Prime Minister could create such a team to circumvent the OUR and get the Private Sector of Jamaica to support a process, that offers less transparency, than would have entailed at the OUR , how could they ?

Is this the same private sector that has been clamoring for transparency and accountability  from the government?

How could they have allowed themselves to become part of a process that from the very onset would not offer the level accountability one can expect?

How could the Private Sector of Jamaica place itself in a position, where it could become compromised, or has it already been compromised ?

The ESET is far from being a “independent entity” given that its constituents are are mainly party loyalist and the ESET have no legal authority in Jamaica.

Members of the OUR are protected by law and CANNOT be sued independently unless of course their has been some egregious action by any such member acting outside of the framework of the OUR. The members of the private sector by virtue of being a part of this team, opens themselves to legal action and would NOT be offered any protection under the laws of Jamaica.

I would like to see cheaper electricity rates, I would like to see this plant constructed, but we must insist that from now going forward that every step of the way MUST be transparent and above board.

We cannot afford to screw up this process once again, we all want the same thing, but we must do it the right way, so it can become a beacon of transparency, one that can be emulated for every major project going forward.

Is that beyond our capabilities ?

The ESET should be disbanded and the OUR allowed to do its job, this time without interference from the Minister of Mining and Energy and the PNP cabinet.

You cannot start off with a flawed process and end up with anything by a flawed outcome and we are in danger of doing the wrong thing all over again.

I urge civil society to join with me in rejecting the formation of the ESET and lobby the GOJ to hand back the process to where it truly belongs, or we will be still talking about a 381 MW plant 2 yrs from now vs having something being constructed  by then.


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  1. I am sticking to my position on this one.

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