Educate Jamaica 2014 School Ranking

Educate Jamaica has released its 2014 ranking of schools in Mathematics and I am sure it will be the subject of much debate.

Here is the document.

Educate Ja 2014



1 Immaculate Conception High 100%
2 Campion College 99.50%
3 St. Hilda’s Diocesan High 98.84%
4 Hampton high 97.70%
5 Mount Alvernia High 97.66%
6 Wolmer’s Girls School 96.90%
7 Westwood High 95.21%
8 Glenmuir High 95.14%
9 DeCarteret College 94.40%
10 St. Andrew High School for Girls 92.90%
11 Convent of Mercy Academy Alpha 92%
12 Knox College 91.80%
13 Montego Bay High 89.61%
14 Morant Bay High 88.40%
15 Wolmer’s Boys School 88.10%
16 St. George’s College 88%
17 Munro College 87.70%
18 Holy Childhood High 87.60%
19 Ardenne High 86.60%
20 Merl Grove High 83%


 20  Worst performing  Schools in Jamaica


140 Tacius Golding High 5%
141 Little London High 4.60%
142 Knockalva Technical High 4.50%
143 Spanish Town High 4.40%
144 Alston High 3.80%
145 Bustamante High 3.30%
146 Cedric Titus High 3.30%
147 Thompson Town High 3.10%
148 Brimmer Vale High 3%
149 Fair Prospect High 3%
150 Glengoffe High 2.80%
151 Haile Selassie High 2.70%
152 Islington High 2.60%
153 Penwood High 2.60%
154 Grange Hill High 2.40%
155 Cumberland High 2.20%
156 Hopewell High 2%
157 Denham Town High 1.70%
158 Paul Bogle High 1.50%
159 Innswood High 0.90%
160 Trench Town High 0.80%
161 Robert Lightbourne High 0%



14 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on SiempreShen. and commented:
    Well Done
    -Phenomenal women of Immaculate

  2. knox college to the worl

    • i am a past gsat student who was placed at mount alvernia high my name is kimberlee coley go mount alvernia big up to you

  3. Wanna know a neat trick to find out the the top performing CAPE schools for any year? Just look at the GSAT scores that came out 6 years prior. Then find out where the top 10,000 students were sent to high school.

    This whole ranking system that they put out every year is ridiculous. Everyone knows that we have an educational caste system. The Top Schools have their Pat Students associations scout the best teachers from the Teachers Colleges to teach for them. They then divide up their classes into 18 students or smaller during actual classes (versus actual homeroom size). Combine that with decades old culture of institutional excellence and you can see why the top schools stay the top.

    Parents are always going to send their children to the top schools creating a vicious cycle – the good primary students always go to the good secondary schools, and the bad primary students go to the bad secondary schools.

    If we want to do something other than ogle at a copy-and-paste of the previous years CAPE results every for CAPE, then stop the Past Students associations from snatching the top teachers, and use those teachers in new style remedial schools that spend a year helping lagging students at both the primary and secondary level. GSAT and CAPE failures are not inevitable. They can be fixed.

    • Um .. actually the average class size at Immaculate is 35 students.

      • Isn’t that usually split in 2? That is my understanding hearing from former Immaculate ladies. That is, before smaller classes as a result of CAPE specialization

        • Even though ghs isnt in the top five..our avg class size is no not really

    • Scout the best teachers? Where u get up info from?? Have you not heard of the crisis new teachers are having in securing a job? Old students associations have very little, if anything at all, to do with the success of the students. There are a plethora of reasons for success and failure that are beyond our (teachers’) control. Most times it’s just the fact that you can’t take the mud out the pig.

      • Calm down. Take a deep breath. We’re all friends here. We all know that our government would rather spend money on tablets (LOL!) than on hiring teachers. We all have the dead end jobs where we see legions of MICO graduates slaving away at doo-doo jobs. But none of these factors change the fact that teachers share responsibility for the success and failure of students. If you did not, then we could all just use tablets and cell phones instead.

        Nevertheless, the impact of teachers is being diminished by the breakdown of our communities and society as result of economic breakdown and loose (non)morals. But none of changes what I have been seeing going on regarding friends of mine being scouted, straight from school to get some money working at a high school. It just is.

  4. Munro !!

  5. Alpha to the wooorld I am going to to alpha when I could get transfer to wolmers all girls ‘.’ oh well

  6. mt alvernia !!!!!!!!!!!

  7. uhhhm immac bap bap

  8. Immac that’s my school

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