Prime Minister holds function in Majesty Gardens amongst scores of illegal throw ups in full view

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller recently indicated that she does not support illegal abstraction of electricity from the JPS network as JPS moved to clamp down on this practise.

Well, the Prime Minister had a great opportunity to demonstrate she was being honest, about her recent pronouncement, but failed to do so, when she hosted a function in he constituency last Friday. The Prime Minister was accompanied by Minister of National Security, Peter Bunting and Education Minister, Ronald Thwaites and they all sat looking at the hundreds of illegal electrical connections, which resembled cobwebs, yet not one of these persons said a single word about this openly illegal activity.

Interestingly the cops were out in the full force to offer protection to the politicians , which as I said included Minister of National Security, whom by his silence must be said to accept the fact that their is nothing wrong  with the stealing of electricity.

The insincerity of these politicians is beyond belief and if the Prime Minister can support illegal activity in her constituency, supported by her Minister of National Security and the police, then I say Jamaica needs divine intervention.

Shame, Shame and more Shame !

This is what Jamaica has descended to

See video presented by CVM

Skip to 9:38

This is our PM and high ranking members of her cabinet.


One Response

  1. Once again, I am not surprised by anything the PNP does, it has shown time and time again, it is a party which supports corruption and illegality especially when doing otherwise would affect votes.

    Jamaicans love the PNP for this reason.

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