It was not me says Phillip Paulwell !

In a full page ad on Sunday, Energy Minister tried to distance himself from the EWI controversy, by asserting that the decision to include the bid of EWI after the expiration of the bid period was not his but that of the PNP Cabinet.

So was Phillip Paulwell a part of the cabinet that took that decision to include the bid from EWI ?

Paulwell is the most knowledgeable person in the PNP cabinet, but he would like for us to believe that he did not strongly advise and convince the cabinet that the bid from EWI should be accepted ?

Who were the members of the PNP cabinet that deliberated on whether or not EWI bid should have been included ?

Now follow me for a second.

We have all said supported by the OCG that the EWI bid should not have been accepted by Paulwell and there is general public agreement with this.

Paulwell says it was the cabinet, but what does that change, fact it was wrong to accept that bid after the expiration of the bid period.

Let us continue to assume that Paulwell is in fact correct, does that makes the problem worse ?

If an entire cabinet can screw up like they did here what kind of confidence can we have in the cabinet in making any further decision on this project ?

We are now told that instead of Paulwell, we will have a energy enterprise team, who will now report to cabinet, yes the very same cabinet that Paulwell is now telling is responsible for that screw up with EWI ?

So you tell me what is going to be different given the decision makers are same folks who screw up this process in the very first place.

Someone should tell Paulwell to keep is mouth close as everything he opens it , he makes the problem worse.






4 Responses

  1. Paulwell is saying that the bid did not come late. It came in for a fresh bid process. The previous process did not find anyone suitable and he invited them to retender

  2. cullCull, the ‘fresh bid process’ which was initiated when EWI showed up without enough time to submit on the initial bid (which in a prior ‘excuse’ Paulwell and the OUR have claimed was informal). They actually extended the deadline, no decision was made. Besides, EWI came in second and was bumped up to preferred bidder when Azurest Cambridge failed to pay their bond in time.

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