I would have a hard time working with Phillip Paulwell

Phillip Paulwell is a man on a mission and one thing I must say about him is he has a lot of energy, no wonder he is called the energy minister.

Paulwell’s main ambition is to become the Prime Minister of Jamaica, however he needs some “air” under his wings to get him to soar above all other in this quest. This has led this minister to take shortcut, fails to do enough due diligence and is far too willing to accept “pie in the sky” proposals, make big announcements and then try to run with them.

Most projects he has been responsible for have ended in disaster, due to his undue haste to make his mark and in so doing get ahead of the pack. He has been able to get away with all that so far and has been able to simply pass the buck off to someone else as he slithers away to screw up the next big project.

I find it very difficult to work with someone who I cannot trust, someone who will not have my back if things go wrong, someone who is willing to hang me out to dry so he can continue his journey to his destination.

I recall a few years ago I had a boss, whom I was concerned about his decision making capabilities and the fact that he would make certain decisions without taking close look at the cost implications.

In doing a particular project, he would keep making changes and addition to the scope of work, which was increasing the overall cost of the project. I approached him and indicated that this is not good and would have a direct impact on my abilities to manage the project properly and control cost in the process, here is what I got.

” I am the one who is ultimately accountable, if this is what I want, I expect that you will work to achieve these objectives or risk failure given I am the one who will be conducting your appraisal”.

I responded that I will only move forward when I have approved purchase requisition from him for all variations to the scope and that he sign off on the variation to the work scope, which he did.

I forward copies of all this to the Vice President of Engineering advising him of what was taking place and my instructions.

Just before the project ended a Snr Vice President summoned me to a meeting and threaten to fire me for over expenditure and not respecting the budget and ask me to give him a good reason why this should not be the case.

I called the Vice President of Engineering and had him on a conference call with the Snr Vice President and went through the entire process , which he corroborated and indicate he had copies of all variations all approved by my boss.

My boss had earlier indicated that he had no knowledge of the over expenditures and if that was so he would have addressed the matter before it got to this stage.

Cut a long story short, the next day I saw him packing his stuff in boxes, I later found out he had been dismissed.

I have no issues with one aspiring to become the “maximum leader”, what I have a major issue with is the unwillingness to accept responsibility  when things go wrong and trying to find a scapegoat, which sometimes ends up destroying the careers of others.

As leaders we will make mistakes as no one is perfect, as leaders however, we must stand willing to pay for those mistakes vs trying to lay the blame on others.

There is a saying “ You cannot make mistakes if you are not trying something new“, so mistakes are allowed, but here is another quote.

” You cannot do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result”.

Paulwell someone has managed to do the same things over and over again, has gotten the same results, but never has been punished for his terrible mistakes.

When people grow up like this, sooner or later they feel like they are “entitled” and they are not accountable. Now can you imagine what is likely to happen should Paulwell become Prime Minister, ” no body caan chat to him and its five years before unno can chat to him”.







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