Anal-ysing gay rights and UWI decision to axe Professor Bain

The administration at UWI is made of a many “bright” or what we call intellects , who are considered amongst the best in this country.

Its amazing however that this group of intellectual’s could have anal-yzed Professor Bain testimony, juxtapose that against the stellar work he has done since 2003 and come to the conclusion from their anal-ysis, that this man had lost the confidence of those he set out to assist.

Professor Bain had retired and his contract was extended, based on the good work he has been doing since appointed to lead the charge at CHART. If he was not doing his job he would not have had his contract extended after this retirement.

The man gave testimony based on actual research data which showed that MSM is a greater contributor to the transmission of HIV amongst adults than any other form of sexual contact, those are the FACTS !

That has nothing to do with the fact that his work is to assist this group of people. I did not hear (from the reports) he was being antagonist towards the group or anything of the sort and for th UWI to axe him is rather unjust and is nothing short of victimization, which is the same thing these groups of gay activist are complaining about.

Soon no one will be able to use the word gay and very soon we will be told that the use of the word ANAL-YZE is  bad word and should be banned from the dic-tionary because it offends gays.


Click image to view full size editorial cartoon

Courtey : Jamaica Observer

Check out the heels on the UWI gay sorry guy.



One Response

  1. The University is only “prostituting” itself. Obviously they are more concerned about how it might affect their funding/donations than the merits of the charge.

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