When the PNP is done with the Jamaican dollar !

Having already been responsible for $80 out of the $100  devaluation of the Jamaican dollar to the US$, the PNP government has successfully added another $11.03 to this figure, which means that successive PNP governments have been responsible for $91.03 out of the current value of $111.03. This means in real terms, the PNP in leadership is solely responsible to 82% of the devaluation of the Jamaican dollar, from $0.78 to US$1.00 IN 1978  to the close of trading today.

If one should make a correlation between poverty, prices increases, devaluation, economic and the Jamaican dollar, then it not hard to see which government is singularly responsible for the ills facing the Jamaican society today.

It must therefore be reasoned that the Jamaican voters are either really stupid or really love poverty, economic hardship, devaluation and all the other ills that one can associate with the movement of the local currency.

Anyone on the outside looking in, must therefore reason that Jamaicans clearly have lost their way (in Jamaica) and will continue to travel along this path if they choose to continue to elect a government that has been responsible for the greatest periods of economic hardships that have faced the population of this country.

What an amazing set of electorate we have here in Jamaica.

Our love affair with the PNP will become the ultimate downfall of this country. We may be passing IMF test, but everything else is “tumbling” down all around, leaving many to question, where the #$#@ is this country heading ?

The numbers speak for themselves.


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  1. When the PNP is done with Jamaica, many smart Jamaicans will be done with Jamaica, leaving the diehards behind to a life of poverty, crime, under education, economic stagnation and under employment and “die hard” with their beloved PNP leadership.

    • Great! It is good to know that you and your followers will still be here. The big question is what will you guys be able to contribute to the upliftment of the country when all the smart people have packed their bags and gone.

      • Let me ask you a very pointed question.

        Has life under the PNP been good to you and if so what areas of life has been good ?

        Honest answers only, I have a bullsh#t detector !

  2. Worst of the drought is yet to come, Pickersgill warns

    jayjayja • 11 hours ago
    This is a poor performer if there ever was one, he needs to resign. Seems like every-time the PNP is in power we get hit by one plague or another.
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    The Saint (reply to) jayjayja • 8 hours ago
    Very stupid comment.Look for a solution, even climate and weather you blame on politics.This is why we are where we are.

    • Anoher idiot, its not my job to provide a solution. That is the job of the non performing minister and he has failed omce again.

      Can’t expect a comrade to see this however.
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    • Wayne, you sent me back to the observer and this is what I found.

      The Saint (reply to) jayjayja
      Very stupid comment.Look for a solution, even climate and weather you blame on politics.This is why we are where we are.

      Slawta (reply to) The Saint • 3 hours ago
      No he is correct, Pickersgill is a poor performer as is much of the present administration. Politics is exactly what is to blame in this case. He is a poor performer because he has presented to us what we already know, that we are in a drought situation. His job is to craft policy and present and implement solutions, to prevent things like this from happening.

      Holy Perv (reply to) The Saint • 2 hours ago

      Wait,…Jay is not getting paid tens of millions in salary, couple more millions in travel allowance, millions fi housing, household help, a criss SUV, 24 hr police escort and a host of benefits and given billions of taxpayers money from the budget to come up with a solution..Why you defending the sinister minister so quick ?him gi you curry goat last week? Well, someone has to tell him that he is a lousy leader and that he should work for his salary; some of us don’t want any of him curry goat..A fulltime now fi fresh blood fi lead us..the incompetents have to go

      Why is it that comrades cannot speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

      Ah bowy 😦

  3. What is to become of us?
    UDC chairman KD Knight has no answer for suffering fishermen

    jayjayja • 11 hours ago
    Welcome to Jamrock, the mecca of scamming. Its always the wrong people who get the money
    Disaster relief payout, always the same cry, those not affected have benefited.

    Jamaica this
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    rider (reply to) jayjayja • 9 hours ago
    if everybody follow what you write everyday nobody will ever come to jamaica. its amazing how foriegners come and fall in love with jamaica and all you do is stay in your little basement and curse the rock. i have never seen you write anything positive about jamaica
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    Tellditruth (reply to) jayjayja • 3 hours ago
    First of all they shouldn’t be there and secondly do they expect the Government to fully fund them, and thirdly some of these same ones complaining to the Observer are the scammers ,what were they doing with all the money they make from selling fish ? The last time I went to Jamaica I went by the area and it was a disgrace to see the amount of shacks and how the people treat the place .I am happy they are being moved !
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    • Typical Jam in denial !
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    • Jay, Rider said he never saw you write anything positive about Jamaica. Is this true? Careful now, “I have a bullsh#t detector!”

      Apparently Many others see the same negativity that seems to somehow from everyone of your pores. Your blood pressure must be sky high? Why so negative bro?

      • Please answer my question. This is your third comment and you have failed to answer a simple question . Why is that do hard ?
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      • I did tell you I have a BS detector and all you have said so far in response to my question I have categorised as a waste of space. 😦
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  4. Jay, do not waste time on people who don’t think.

    • Actually I am engaging these folks so people can all see the kind of thinking that has kept Jamaica were it is and what the prospects look like for the future.

      The more they speak the more they expose the serious lack of critical thinking that is prevalent in Jamaica.

      Now if we can have this from those fortunate to have had an education, what can we expect from the many who were not so fortunate.

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      • Waste in government is quite pervasive,we read about inefficiencies at the NWC, TPDCO and many other government bodies, but some persons only have a vested interest in making the pnp look good, they are not interested in what the party should be doing.

  5. To lie or speak the truth as inconvenient as that maybe.

    in 2000 I was asked by a young man who had previously worked for the company I was employed , to write him a recommendation.

    i asked him ” do you want me to tell the truth or do you want me to lie.”

    I said if I told the truth you will not get the job, but if I lied you may get the job.
    He said ” I will go and get a letter from HR”

    Some folks will never speak the truth least it be used or recalled sometime in the future, instead they bob and weave, hoping they can escape, but you cannot escape the truth.

  6. Thanks Wayne Jnr for pointing us to the ” worst is yet to come ” article attributed to Robert Pickersgill.

    The comment by most readers suggest that Bobby is not too bright after all.

    Here is it folks read all the comments, which are really not so nice of the Minister.


  7. Jay these idiots never learn

    Pickersgill’s contempt

    published: Friday | March 4, 2005

    AFTER SEVERAL years in government as a Cabinet Minister in different ministries, Robert Pickersgill has yet to distinguish himself either as a performer or visionary. On Wednesday night, he opted to embellish that record with an egregious display of bad manners and contempt for the people of Portmore.

    Presented with a wonderful opportunity to have meaningful and rational dialogue with angry residents over the planned toll road system for people who would normally use the Causeway, the minister effectively poured kerosene on burning debris.

    His subsequent apology to a man who was seeking clarification on statements made earlier, and of whom he asked whether “it was that time of the month?” in clear pejorative innuendo, was unworthy of anybody in a public forum let alone from a minister of government. Public officials are subject to hard questioning from their constituents from time to time. Heckling is often part of the package, but that goes with the territory. Those who aspire to lead must not only develop thick hides but must rise above the fray. Mr. Pickersgill went several bars lower on Wednesday night.

    It is understandable that the minister might have been discomfited by some of the questions, but he has no one but himself to blame. The queries and concerns have been mounting over several weeks adding to a general climate of discontent among many residents of Portmore who believe they are being taken for granted. All this time the minister kept his head low in a jungle of consultants’ reports and recommendations. A more proactive minister would have moved to defuse the anger much earlier.

    Hence, the response to his promises of a likely increase in property values and general benefits suggests that cynicism and anger have deepened.

    We suggest that the minister make another attempt to reach out to the people of Portmore, by acknowledging that their concerns are legitimate but may not be insurmountable, and seek to have another meeting with a representative sample from the area for discussions that perhaps may accommodate a compromise.

    The public of Jamaica may not have the many consultants to call on as frequently as does the minister, but that does not make them fools. It may well be that the toll road system will bring more benefits than the discomfort, economic or otherwise, that the residents fear. But a “take it or leave it attitude” will not work, not in the Jamaica of 2005.

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