Eat a food time coming once again, bigger and better.

No sooner had Dr Omar Davis announced that some massive expenditures would be taking place under the Major Infrastructural Development Program ( MDIP), we got news that scores of contractors ( 84 ), who were barred from obtaining government contracts would be eligible to bid once again for such contracts.

Dr Omar Davis in his presentation announced that approx US $200M would be made available to local contractors under the MDIP program, US $150M plus another US$50M for JEEP for a total of  J$20B!

In 2009 over 80 local contractors were barred by the NCC for after allegations that they were involved on fraudulent activities on certain government contracts, here is what was reported.

In 2009, the contractors were removed from the list of entities approved by the National Contracts Commission (NCC) following an investigation by the Office of the Contractor General then headed by Christie.

The news that the contractors were cleared of all wrong doing was greeted with glee by many, but as soon as I heard that coming after the Minister announced the US$200M expenditure , I said here we go again.

Contractors will be happy to eat a big food again under the PNP administration and Jamaicans will be left wondering once again, where did all that money go and why we continue to not get value for money in this country.

Dollars will certainly be running in time for elections.

Did we all miss this as usual ?????

A yah so nice ………!!!!




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  1. Could they change what had made them ineligible ?

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