Its not only ghetto people, who steal, the rich does it and here is how

Upper income earners, many of whom pay no taxes and who lives in some of the most affluent communities are stealling 10 times as much electricity as those in the lower income communities of Jamaica.

Many business run by so called ” decent” people are also stealing electricity and creating problems for people like you and me who are trying to be honest.

The theft in many of these high income earners begins at the design stage, yes folks, the house is designed to consume and not pay for a part of the electricity being consumed and here is how they do it.

Most homes in Jamaica were being designed with the meter panel mounted at the side of the house, but JPS has been requesting that the meter be now placed on columns at the entrance to or just outside our gates.

What these folks were doing was to have the electrician place terminals (lugs) inside the wall, from where they would tap off from the primary side of the meter to run the high consumers of electricity in these homes. So essentially the home is wired for two sources of power, one legal ie this one passses through the meter and the other one illegal taken from the input side of the meter.

JPS found out what was going on by removing the meter and then using a clamp on amprobe on the incoming wire to determine if current is still flowing. If current was detected it means the house had an bypass and that customer would be charged for stealing electricity.

Now we all know seh Jamaicans are “geniuses” and they would have to now find a new way to get around this and they did.

What they did was to install a small box in the wall  and installed in that box a device  called a contactor. A contactor is an electrical device that allows for the transmission of electricity once the coil of the contactor has been energized, or to disable power once power has been removed from the coil of the contactor.

So what these guys did was to use a contactor with a 220v coil in this small box. The coil of the relay is fed from the output of the meter ( 2 x 110v leg) and the illegal wires from the top of meter (primary side) passes through the contacts of the contactor. So once the meter is in the contactor is closed, allowing power to be transmitted. Once the meter has been removed the contactor opens  up due to loss of power from its coil and so no electricity is now being transmitted.

When the JPS guys now clamps on this meter over the incoming wire no current would be detected since no energy is being consumed and so this guys gets away with this illegal act.

JPS has a bunch of engineers and eventually found out about this practise and so they would go with a listening device place it against the wall to listen for the clicking sound which would indicate the presence of a relay and or contactor inside the walls of the building.

Once again being smart ass as we are, our folks found out this was what was going on and true to form came out with a solution. What they did was to use noise cancelling materials to lower the sound of the relay opening and closing using foam around the illegal box.

The commercial customers who are  stealing are doing the very same thing, taking a portion of their power below the pothead and on the primary side of the meter down the concrete column and underground to the business establishment.

Now guess who are some of the folks advising, assisting and collecting money from their efforts.


I will leave you to fill in the blanks.

On another matter I submitted a proposal the JPS as well as MSTEM on how to combat the stealing of electricity, which requires more than just technology to solve.

Good day,

The Office of Minister Julian Robinson is in receipt of your correspondence and thanks you for your interest in this matter.
Solve Theft Initiative
Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining
PCJ Building
36 Trafalgar Road
Kingston 10



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6 Responses

  1. I was told that by writing the above I would have been giving other would be thieves ideas on how to steal electricity. I beg to differ however as this is information I have been able to gather as I move around and try to determine, how it is being done.

    It more of exposing the issue and lay it all out on the table, so people know that we know..

  2. I think MEGA have a sMART way of stealing light.

    • I could find that out in under 5 minutes. A few years ago a Mega store was caught doing the same thing. The engineer we were told went off on a frolic and did something to extract electricity illegally.

      Can’t say I know the final outcome of that case.

      Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device from LIME.

  3. Stealing of electricity by upper class and uptown persons is something i only knew about when my lecturer in post grad informed us. I was shocked as I learn that they get “able” electricians to tamper with the JPS system to hide the electricity charges taht would have been incurred.

    In speaking to a Customs Officer I also learn that well known merchants of Middle Eastern ethinicities have incurred millions of stolen electricity but because of their social standing they escaped the law and judgemnt of the courts by bribing the technicians month after months to disguise the stolen charges. The JPS is putting down its feet and whereas you can bribe Third World leaders and politicians , a foreign owned company will never let you get away with depriving them of their revenues by theft.. Fact is Jaamica is a living plntation and not only that , a playout or mimicrty of sdlavery in West and East Africa.

    • Winston,
      You are definitely unto something.

      Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device from LIME.

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